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    Error Rendering Movie

    \I believe you have too many layers on your photo's. I too had this problems. I removed several layers and was able to render the file. I had some pictures with music, then text, then pictures effects and overlays, then add the transition from one pic to the other, was just too much. I changed the transition and removed some text and removed the effects and overlays and viola, it worked. Good Luck. quote name='asandull' date='Jan 20 2006, 10:07 AM' post='5462'] I am currently using Videowave Movie creator and have been using it for years with no problems. I just made a movie and am trying to render it to playback on DVD but I'm getting an error message telling me to use another format. I tried rendering a different movie I was working on to see if it was a problem with the software but that movie rendered just fine. Please Help! I need to get this onto a DVD ASAP!