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    Transition Problems

    I have an IBM Thinkpad T42p, Intel® Pentium® M processor 2.00GHz, 1 GB of Ram. Sound card - SoundMax Integrated Digital Audio. It says it's by Andrea Electronics Corp, file version Driver date, 6/23/2004. Driver Version Display - ATI Mobility Fire GL T2. driver ati2dvag.dll, version 6.14.0010.6476. Date 8/25/04. It also says DDI version 9 (or higher). Thanks, Jennifer
  2. I was getting the error that is in the subject of this post: 'An attempt was made to access an unknown file beyond it's end'. This happens randomly when I am working on the label and all of a sudden this error appears out of nowhere. After that, once I close the label I cannot open it up ever again.
  3. JayO

    Transition Problems

    I'm interested to know, has this happened to anyone else? I see a lot of people have viewed this, but nobody has answered at all. Thanks, Jennifer
  4. I've experienced the same issue. I spend 1/2 hr doing a label, then I try to save it and get an error. Then if you try to pull it up you get this error. So once I get the error, I realize that I just lost that work - the most I can do at that point is make a screenshot before I close and try recreating it. I have wasted a lot of time having to redo labels because of this issue. I've tried pulling it up a different way and that doesn't work either. If anyone has a solution please let me know. Side note...my experience is that all of the Roxio v8 suite of products suck, Big time. I've had problems with every single product I've used in this version - crashes, data not being saved, losing info, Tons of features not working, etc. I've worked for software companies so I know the norm is to have a few bugs, but this is one of the Worst software products I've ever used in my life. Roxio support also is minimal and unhelpful if and when they even respond, and they leave the users to figure stuff out on their own. It amazes me that such a big name company can do business like this. Jennifer
  5. JayO

    Auto Motion

    I have the same problem - auto motion does not work. Actually a LOT of things in this product do not work. My laptop is 2 years old, a T42P IBM Thinkpad. Seems like the product should work with that.
  6. JayO

    Transition Problems

    I am having problems with some transitions - Bouncing Ball and Wave. 1) Sometimes the ball transition pops before the transition is done and doesn't go all the way off to the right. I have tried to reduce the time and also stopped the motion on the next screen. It has had inconsistent behavior. 2) When I produce the file to an mpg, the transition fades off of the screen, then flash on the screen for a split second immediately. This happens w/ both of the transitions mentioned above. Occurs inconsistently. Does anyone have suggestions for fixing these? Side note - this is only one of Many problems I am experiencing with Roxio Easy Media Creator products. I have never encountered a group of software products with so many bugs or that crashes so frequently. My experience with Roxio products has not been a good one at all. Thanks, Jennifer