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    4.4 Gb Dvd Compression

    It says its too big (4.4GB will not fit onto 4.38GB). If i have compression on, it will just recompress.
  2. ryan_eads

    4.4 Gb Dvd Compression

    I think this is a bug, but, when I set compress DVD thats too big for a single layer DVD and make a disc image, it always comes out as 4.4 GB. Well blank DVDs only hold 4.38GB and i can't seem to get toast to compress even more. Seems like toast has an incorrect setting for a size for a single layer DVD. Anyone know a fix around this bug, Never had this when i used popcorn back in the day.
  3. ryan_eads

    Ripping from DVD-ram cuts off 2 seconds

    This probably a bug, but im not sure. Im having an issue importing fromm a dvd ram from my dvd recorder. The problem is that it cuts off 2-3 seconds off at the end of every thing thats ripped. I know the data is there, because when i play back teh dvd, it has those 2 seconds. Anyone else experience that problme or find a way to fix it.
  4. ryan_eads

    Lightscribe crashing

    Whenever i try to burn an image with Lightscribe, disc labeler crashes. Any one else having this ssue or figured out how to solve it?
  5. ryan_eads

    Smooth AVI fims to DVD figured out! NTSC only

    OK, Everone ignore what i have said. I just realized I was set to PAL, which would give propper playback framerate. The reason I didnt catch it, is beacuse I was only playing the dvd on my computer and Xbox360. The computer can play PAL no problems, and I just found out that the xbox360 converts unprotected pal DVDs into NTSC. Sorry to all I gave hope to. Still anyway, 3:2 pulldown converted DVDis still my #1 most wanted feature of Toast. Sorry to get all hopes up. FYI, If you hve an xbox360, you can get smooth framerate if you choose PAL, but the DVD will only play in the xbox360 (or any oher dvd player that converts PAL to NTSC).
  6. ryan_eads

    Smooth AVI fims to DVD figured out! NTSC only

    OK, this is weird. I can't get toast to encode 24fps progressive anymore. workd fine for 2 videos, but now when i tried them again, it makes them 30 FPS. Maybe someone else can figure out this delemma.
  7. I deleded this post. becuase the method used was invalid.
  8. ryan_eads

    Smooth Playback of AVI converted to DVD

    The problem lies in the fact that film is 24fps and NTSC video is 30FPS. How do you fit 24 frames into 30 as smoothly as possible? Repeat every forth frame! This in it self leads to a slight choppyness. The way to fix this, is because NTSC is actuly 60 fps interlaced into 30FPS. where every other line in a frame is a actauuly a differant frame. so line one has the first frame it needs to show, line two has the second, line 3 has the first again, ect. How films are converted smoothly to video is a prosess called 3:2 pulldown. Basically its saying for 3 frames of film = 3 full frames on video. The next 2 are interleaced containing 2 film from the film. On a standard tv, this gives the illusion of smooth film play back. dvd players are converted using 3:2 on the fly if a movie is progressive (encoded at 24fps). You computer hooked up to a tv, is sending 30FPS interlaced, so 60FPS. By your computer doing this, it self is sending somwhat of a 3:2 pulldown signal. Hard to expalin in detail how this works, but the computer its going interlace all video coming from it, regaurdless if its a game, movie, or just a webbrowser. Enogh technical. Toast itself does not burn progressive (encoded at 24fps) dvds unfortunalty. It's a request sent to roxio, but have yet to see any results. So toast has to make 30 fps, so it relies on the repeat every forth frame to make up the missing frames. A program called JES deinterlacer can take a video, and perform 3:2 pulldown uisng the standard conversion option and output to DV. But its a messy program and hard to understand if you don't know what you are doing. Pluss using that, you lose the progressive material for best viewing in a HDTV. My seggestion is do what you were going to do and buy a divx certified dvd player. I have one, and it does perform 3:2 pulldown on avi files, leaving a nice smooth image. Hope this helps, and see if we can get roxio to add a progressive 24fps option into their dvd encoder.
  9. ryan_eads

    Sound Drops in DVD

    i recomend, if yhou havent allready, is to use imove and save the video as 1 big dv file. i usually have issues if im using an imove source file which just links the differant raw files. Make sure you have enogh HD space, dv can take a quite alot of room (approx 2 gigs for every 10 minutes)
  10. ryan_eads

    5.1 Music DVDs

    How do you get a cd to get 5.1 audio?? It cant be done. Audio Cds are only 2.0 and can contan a matrix surround sound like dolby sorround (pro logic). But in no way is it a discrete 5.1 channels. I was able to burn a 5.1 muisc dvd using an ac3 file i ripped from a dvd with no problems. Just held down option right before i droped the ac3 fle into toast, just as tantsee said. Try it again see if it works
  11. ryan_eads

    Quicktime 7.1.1 Breaks Itunes to Toast burning! No Downgrade

    I did a test and the same happens in tiger. I never use Apple lossless so it no big deal to me, but i can see how that can be annoying. Your only solution is to convert those files to aiff using itunes before burning untill apple or roxio fixes the issue.
  12. ryan_eads

    Homemade Dvd Is Copyrighted!?!

    Ok, im totally confused. I understand macrovision (copyproected) scemes and would have no idea how it got there. Toast, as others have said, does not add that. It could be a bad disc as others have siad as well. My other question to you is, (this is commical if I'm reading correctly) is why would you want to make a DVD of a vhs, dubbed from a dvd, from DV from imovie, dubbed from vhs, dubbed from Hi 8mm tape. I can only imagine the quality loss by going throgh 3 analog sources, 2 compresed formats (dvd), and yet alone the low resolution of vhs. The original Hi 8 souce sould of been fed direclty into imovie to loose a little as possible. But since the movie is done being eidited, I say you should only make a copy of a dvd to dvd using toast. And if somehow copy protection ended up there (as i said, makes no sence), use mac the ripper to remove it. If you have a bad disc, I say reencode it from the original sorce (imovie). If thats gone, I guess the VHS is the only way. I hope this helps. I know video very well, and feel free to PM if you have any issues or questions. I know how to convert any format into any format.
  13. ryan_eads

    How To Convert Vob To Avi?

    a .avi is not exactly an avi file. The avi format is like the .mov fomat of quicktime. Its just a container that contains the audio/video. The type of avi file you are trying to make is called divx which is a hacked derivative of mpeg4 video format that contained in an avi file. Another format which is a more efficiant hack of divx is xvid. For what you want to do, handbrake is the best solution. As i said before, mpeg4 is part of the divx format. Toast, thogh, can encode into the official divx format unlike Handbrake, which does only xvid. The official divx fomat also has less issues on Divx compatible dvd players. Most videos you find about on the internet is in the xvid format. Hope that info helps
  14. ryan_eads

    Burning First Toast Dvd!

    well you can save as a disc image first and preview, before you burn any disc. In fact i would always save as a disc image first, just for that very reason. Also in case your burn comes out bad and you quit toast, you dont dont have to have toast reencode the video all over again.
  15. ryan_eads

    .aiff -> Audiocd: Ok W/ Itunes, Fails W/ Toast

    i find this odd. Ive never had issues with aiff. ive burned many of my own cds of my own music, and have only used aiff. beats me what the issue could be cause in essence, wav and aiff contain the exact info in a slighly differant container and both need to be formetted for the CDDA format anyway to be burned. My question for you is, does also happen when you burn wav, mp3, or aac files to audio cds using toast?