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  1. I had Roxio 9 installed on my Vista x64 system, tried to upgrade it to 9.1 and during the installation process the program reversed and uninstalled everything. At that point I decided to acquire EMC10 and initally it appeared to install, however, with some issues. Several days later trying similar processes (which during the initial attempts worked with problems, but they worked) the program began to act up, crashing the entire system. At that point I removed two small programs which were installed postumously, but that did not work. Then I made the big mistake... again I performed a CLEAN install, very carefully following every process that has been documented here. The result; on starting the program the initial window came up titled "Roxio Central Core..." with the message "... Windows configuring Roxio Central Core" This window started to loop and lasted for a full 10 minutes before the Home screen appeared. Unfortunately, this is not where the problem ended; subsequent attempts to work in any of the applets caused the entire system to shut down and the computer to restart. I beleive the problem is due to programs being installed into different folders, than where EMC expects to find them, under Vista x64. Hopefully, Roxio can solve this issue, this program has been one I've used for years and I'll miss it... Cheers Michael Ps. subsequntly I reverted to version 9 and the same startup issue described above now occurs. It is my believe this is due to having been so very careful to remove everything that referred to Roxio, hence all references that were there from previous installs to point the program into the right direction have also been removed.
  2. Unfortunately this did not work. Subsequently I uninstalled the entire program and reinstalled it, but matters got worse... I will now go through this process one more time in greater detail and hopefully it will work the next time... One point is of considerable concern that being when the program completed its initial install, i.e. EMC10 a window came up, unfortinately it won't load here so bear with me as I type the message -- The window title "Program Compatibility Assistant" "Windows requires a digitally sgined driver" "A recently installed program tried to install an unsigned driver. This version of Windows requires all drivers to have a valid digital signature. The driver is unavailable and the program that uses this driver might not work correctly. Unistall the program or device that uses this driver and check the publisher's support website to get a digitally signed driver." Driver: Decryption And Decompression Service: RxFitler Publisher: Sonic Solutions Location: C:\Windows\System32...\RxFilter.sys One more point; when opening EMC10 a window titled "Roxio Central Core Configuration" came up and started to loop for close to 15 minutes before it opened. It was trying to write to MSIEXEC.EXE ??? Also, all virus protection was turned off during the install process. Just to let you know
  3. There were two small programs installed since the EMC 10 was installed. I've removed them both and rebooted, but the problem still exists. I'm about to uninstall and reinstall EMC 10. Before doing so I tried using Roxio Video Copy & Convert and under "Video Compilation" trimmed the file in question. Trying to burn or save it to either a DVD or a file brought up an error message "Unspecified error [0x80004005]". Regarding the latter, one of the threads here suggests updating QuickTime, which I'm about to do. I'll let you know if that works. Cheers, Michael
  4. It is the original file, not the one that has already been trimmed. Michael
  5. After a "clean" install a few days ago, I was able to trim the *.VOB file in question and burn it via MyDVD. Today, attempting the same process with the same VOB file, said file loads into either of VidoeWave and or MyDVD, however, attempting to trim or clip it results in the application crashing. Reparing the program did not help. Also, I was careful to wait for the CPU to settle down after each step, but to no avail. Copying the original DVD to a blank DVD causes no problems. Neither does burning of CDs or DVDs with Creator Classic. Regarding the computer setup: The operating system being used is Vista x64 8Gb of RAM Nvidia GForce 8800 GTS Video card with the latest driver installed CPU is Intel Quad Q6600 / 2.4Ghz More than 2 terabytes of HD space One more point; most of the Application files for starting Roxio's apps have been added to the DEP list, i.e. "turned on" in the Performance Options window's "Data Execution Prevention" tab. It appears to be the only way to get the program to work for some of its applications. Perhaps there is one EXE file which is not included, if anyone know which one is turned on when performing the above I'll check and see if it has been added. Thank you in advance should you be so kind and respond to this thread. Cheers, Michael
  6. miklar

    LOOP Check Box Where Is It?

    Thank you This is what I wanted to see, it is what I did, but frankly didn't know what I was doing and was very surprised when it worked. It's a shame this is not stated in the help files, which are only marginally intuitive. Thank you again for taking the time to help me. Cheers, Michael Ps. although this is not the thread to mention this, there is one very simple issue Roxio should address, that being when activating any featrure in the Home or Application screens, there is no indication said feature is being loaded, i.e. there is not spinning wheel or "egg-timer" to let one know the program is loading. Yes, there is a small window that comes up, but it is almost always hidden behind the start-up screen. It would be nice...
  7. miklar

    LOOP Check Box Where Is It?

    To my small mind, I would think looping an entire video is a desireable feature It's available on the Quick Time Player Pro version, a much lower feature rich version than EMC10, so why is it not available (or at least visible if it is available)??? Cheers, Michael
  8. miklar

    LOOP Check Box Where Is It?

    That's where I expected it to be, but it is not... I did manage to get a DVD to loop by clicking on the looping icon in VidoeWave (not the trim window). This doesn't feel right though, also it's the same with version 9 and I'd hoped it would be remedied in version 10. FYI, version 9 was completely uninstalled before installing version 10. My operating system is Windows Vista x64, with 8 Gb of RAM and Terabytes of hard drive space. I wonder if Vista x64 is the culprit??? Thanks for responding, Michael
  9. miklar

    burning problem error 80040207

    Thanks That seems to do the job Much appreciated. Cheers, Michael
  10. miklar

    LOOP Check Box Where Is It?

    What am I missing? I cannot find the "Loop check box" referred to in the Production Editor help file. One of my tasks is to loop DVDs, perhaps there is another method to achieve this? Hoping someone can help me Cheers, Michael
  11. miklar

    burning problem error 80040207

    I wish that were true... I have Nvidia's GeForce 8800 GTS video card working under Microsoft's Vista x64 with DirectX version 10.0 intalled. The installed memory is 8 Gb and there is more than two terabytes of HD available. Also, the latest video driver from Nvidia was installed a few days ago. In spite of this every time I want to burn a "converted" video file to a DVD or to a file I get the error message "Unspecified Error [0x 800004005]" Somehow attributing this to the video card driver seems a stretch, I could be wrong. Please don't get me wrong, I appreciated your comment, just getting a little tired... Cheers, Michael
  12. miklar

    EMC 9.1 Update on Vista x64

    You can add me to the list of not being able to install version 9.1 The installation starts and when it is near completion it uninstalls everything! I have to re-install version 9 and on a second try the same scenario occurred. Before you ask, Yes, I had the virus protection turned off Of possible interest, version 9.1 came up with a serial number that was completely different than what came with version 9. Oh well, so much for this program
  13. miklar

    EMC 9.1 Videowave crashes

    I'm running with Vista 64x and experienced problems similar to what you describe although I primarily use Creator Classic. I may have found a work-around to the problem, although it may only apply to the 64 bit version of Vista, -- Go to the Roxio folder and select the Creator Classic 9 folder - right click on Creator9.exe file and select the Compatibility tab, then select "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" making sure "Windows XP (Service Pack 2)" is selected. I've used this on a number of programs that misbehaved and it appears to do the trick. Good Luck Cheers, Michael