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    Easy Media Creator Label Maker

    I want to tell you I'm excited and very grateful for the expert feedback I'm receiving on this website. Too bad Roxio, Nero, and HP aren't as considerate. Certainly they don't mind taking your money, selling you products; then they're only too happy to refer you to blogs for answers to your questions. Anyway I went to Windos Update and installed the suggested software updates. I'll see if I can find any updates for my chip set and video card tomorrow. When I say these programs aren't intuitive, what I mean is that they promote this stuff as though my five year old daughter, who's quite computer savvy by the way, can simply open the programs and go to town! When I open Easy Label Creator (a misnomer if ever there was one) what I see are all these icons that are supposed to enable me to perform advanced label designing tasks. Ok, HOW DO I USE THE FUNCTIONS OF THOSE ICONS to perform BASIC TASKS? I've downloaded and read what Roxio calls its manual. It tells you what you CAN DO with the software, not HOW TO DO IT. Oh, and sprinkled amid all of the suggetons about what you mgiht be able to accomplish are not-so-subtle suggestions that you should upgrade to the latest version. Why spend more money? I can't use what I already have? All I want to do is to be able to open Easy Label Creator, forget about the x,y axis and all that bullshit, and just be able to select a label style, type in some text, type in a date, and print the #$^@ thing. Where does it tell me how to do that? Nowhere. That's why I'm so irate.
  2. cajun1955

    Easy Media Creator Label Maker

    Yes, I checked and it shows up in Windows Add/Remove. Just in case it wasn't properly configured or something, I used that folder's Repair feature. Apparently, the contents of that extra disc are installed and available. Ok, now where do I go to tell me HOW to use the features. I've downloaded the Roxio Easy Media Creator 8 User's Manual, if you want to call it that. It tells me NOTHING about HOW to use the features. It tells me what you are supposed to be able to do with the various features but not HOW to use the features to accomplish what they're supposed to be capable of doing. In fact, what I'm getting from Roxio is that the real intent of its software is to goad you into upgrading to the next software level, which is supposed to take you to software Nirvana. Like hell! I'm about fed-up with Roxio and ready to uninstall it once again and trash it or something. I can't stand to struggle with software that's not intuitive.
  3. cajun1955

    Easy Media Creator Label Maker

    Ok, with some well received information from ye olde "Beerman", I was able to get my Easy Media Creator 8 to recognize my DVD drive and begin burning discs again. Now, having accomplished that, I'd like to be able to create labels for those discs. Got the labels and dug around all over the place for simple, step-by-step guidelines on HOW to use the various tools in the label maker toolbox to create my own labels. All I want to do is to be able to select a freakin' style, type some words and a date onto the label matrix, and then print the #$^@ thing. From what I can see, though, I'm going to need degrees in art and engineering to accomplish these simple tasks. Also, I downloaded a whole bunch of other extras, from a second disc that came with my Roxio Easy Meida Creator 8. The stuff on that second disc is supposed to give me all kinds of juicy little extra things I can do, including pulling up pre-designed labels. I can't find the folder and its files! I thought it would execute when I opened Easy Media 8 or, at the least, show up as an accessory folder. But, NOOOOO! Nowhere to be seen. Any ideas on how all of this junk software works? Please chime in and THANKS in advance.
  4. cajun1955

    DVD Drive Not Recognized

    Ok, I'm sure anyone who reads this is going to be tempted to send me directly to Roxio's FAQ Help section or to Microsoft's Knowledge Base for solutions. Save your time! I've done EVERYTHING suggested by Roxio and MS and NOTHING works! I've uninstalled (ferreted out every little tid bit of Roxio file) and re-intalled Easy Media Creator 8 from the disc and from a Roxio provided website, cleaned up the registry, turned off anti-virus and firewall softwares, deleted and re-installed my DVD drive, deleted the upper & lower filters in the registry, etc., etc. You name it, I've done it and done it multiple times. Nothing wrong with the DVD drive. It's only a few days old and reads and plays DVD movies I place in it. Windows Device Manager says the drive is operating just fine. So, what's up with Roxio Easy Media Creator 8 that caused it to just stop recognizing my new DVD drive? What have I missed? I new that it ws working too well, that it was too easy to use, that SOMETHING was going to come along and gunk it all up and ruin all the fun I was having. I should tell you I have Windows XP Home Edition and plenty of HD and RAM memory space. Any new thoughts, suggestions, ideas? I'll take anything Desperate in Lousyana