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  1. I got it working... I had to let my Macbook update firmware, run Onyx to Verify and repair permissions and then my converted "Movies" dragged to itunes library!!! Thanks for your help>


    Now my disapointment is< I tried to convert "Black Snake Moan" from DVD, and Crunch told me the disc was encrypted and wouldnt let me convert!!!! WTF? A work around?


    -Hurricane :angry:

  2. After what seems to be a succesfull conversion from Mpeg-1 to Iphone (Standard), Itunes library shows no movies in the library... I found the converted files in my Movies folder; however, when I drag to Itunes they do not copy to the library...???

    I also tried dropping on the itunes icon, as discribed in the Help... still nothing.


    I have upgraded to the latest OSX and Itunes this week and other than this my Iphone is working great/


    Any ideas?


    -Dj Hurricane