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  1. Like others on this forum, I suddenly get a "No Recorder" message (shortly after downloading updates to Sonic apps...guessing that's the cause). I downloaded the pxengine patch file as recommended by others (both the 1_08 and 2_08 ones), but am unable to run either. I get this message: "Unable to write to the current directory. The installation file needs to be able to read/write to the current directory. Please change the permissions for the directory or move the installer to a location that has the proper read/write permissions." Unfortunately, the patch .exe file is in a directory that allows writing. I run installers from this folder all the time, and also checked Properties for it. I've moved the installer into other folders, including the Sonic folder in Program Files, with no luck. I'm guessing that it really needs some other folder to be set to read/write (maybe a Windows system folder)--but I wouldn't harbor a guess as to which one. Any help?