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  1. brianphilipsaunders

    Emc10 Using Emc7 Overlays

    How can I intergrate the overlay video clip Film32.avi which is in EMC 7.5 into the overlays in EMC 10? I'd be very grateful if someone could suggest an idea. I have tried copying it and pasting into various folders via Windows/Program Files/Roxio but that doesn't work. I find that this clip is a very useful one in that it is a flickering "old" film strip which I sometimes like to use with my productions. Thanks in anticipation. Brian
  2. brianphilipsaunders

    Missing Options In Version 10

    Thanks for the speedy response - should I install a dedicated sound card? Thanks for the tip - I just have the two options i.e. line in and mike. So I guessd that's it. Thanks anyway
  3. brianphilipsaunders

    Missing Options In Version 10

    I have been using Roxio EMC for several years with windows XP. I have had EMC 10 working correctly on XP but now have a new PC with Vista. There seems to be some parts missing on the Sound Editor/ Record Window. The problem is this - on the VISTA PC the Recorder window INPUT shows just one option (Master Volume) whereas on the XP PC there are EIGHT options. The VISTA version will not allow me to record directly from my PC other than with the microphone which obviously picks up ambiant noise. When I try using the Line-In (on the Capture From option) there's no recording. The EMC 10 with Windows XP does record. Has anyone any ideas please?