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  1. Thanks I noticed that when doing a google search on it. However when I right click on the actual file tfswctrl.exe and look at its properties it does say: Drive Letter Access Component Copyright © 2004 Sonic Solutions BuildName TFSDLA40 Company Sonic Solutions File Version 1.04.08a www.file.net/process/tfswctrl.exe.html has more useful information: tfswctrl.exe file information The process Drive Letter Access Component or Direct Access Component belongs to the software HP DLA or IBM DLA or Sonic DLA by Sonic Solutions (www.sonic.com) or VERITAS Software, Inc (www.veritas.com) or HP (www.hp.com) or IBM Corporation (www.ibm.com).
  2. Thanks I uninstalled Sonic DLA and Roxio Drag to Disc, did not have Direct CD I still got the BSOD when I turned on tfswctrl.exe in the msconfig.exe startup. So I will be leaving that and all the other Roxio, especially the installshield <grrrrr> updates switched off. The knowledge base was advising it be switched off in the event of problems. I just got the BSOD rather than any menton of DVRNDDM.sys. I'm suprised tfswctrl.exe was still in the startup for msconfig.exe after I removed Sonic DLA and Roxio Drag to Disc
  3. I'm getting a BSOD due to tfswctrl.exe Startup. The BSOD gives the error: Ox0000007E (0xC0000005, 0x89673298, 0xBA583BEC, 0xBA5838E8). I have Easy Media Creator 9 on Windows XP Media Center Edition SP2 I was able to reboot in safe mode and find after running msconfig.exe that just turning the following on or off in the Startup causes the BSOD: tfswctrl c:\WINDOWS\system32\dla\tfswctrl.exe SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run+ I have all the other Roxio, InstallShield startup programs switched off now, but just switching this one on is causing the BSOD I did get an automatic install from the InstallShield last night to do with a Sonic Application but I don't remember the full name of the install. I was just one application and I think it probably started with tfs something. This tfswctrl.exe file in c:\WINDOWS\system32\dla\tfswctrl.exe has a modification date of 31/05/2005, there is a dla.ini file in same directory with date modified 10/7/2007. I have tried running the latest NOD32 antivirus program and Webroot SpySweeper on this file and my PC but find no virues or other problems. I also did a error check of the hard disk. DLA = Drive Letter Access The tfswctrl.exe properties show file version 1.04.08a with buildname TFSDLA40