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  1. Thanks, Brandon. I had assumed that Roxio techies read this. (Last time I had an issue I *think* I posted here and got a response pretty quickly form tech support. You are correct; my comment reightly belongs on a tech support thread. I'll have to hunt that up and post it there. In the meantime my comments on how difficult the install was still stand. For me it has been nothing but headaches. Thanks for the reasoned reply!
  2. I never thought that I'd say that I actually preferred Roxio NXT Creator NXT5 Pro's installation over this one. I have had NOTHING but trouble installing NXT6 Pro (and I'm still not sure it is completely installed; the menus look awfully bare). I started the install at around 2:30PM (CDT). It is now 5:48PM CDT, and as I say, I don;t think it is completely installed. I complained on another thread about WINDVD Pro 12 (and its supposed SP3 update), but back to this package: 1 try - it spun its whells for over half-an-hour tryinfg to install Fastflick and never did get it installed, but the intall program quite after that. It wouldn't install Aftershot 3. Turns out I had to MANUALLY uninstall my previous version; then it installed. However, after that, (I'm afraid I've probably run out of install iterations - that happened to me with NXT 5), try as i might (I tried repair, I tried remove, I tried modify - none of these options worked completely. I AM pleased to see, though, that after the initial debacle with Fastflick, it sucrried past that and DID get Aftershot (remember I manually unistalled the previous verion) and both the 32-and64-bit versions of PSP X9 installed - and WINDVD 12 Pro as well (long as I don;'t rty to "update it". Does ANYONE at Roxio VET these installs? I have NEVER had as many problems trying to install a piece of software - ever. (oh, and as an aside; when I still had NXT 5 Pro, I spent almost three hours with a teh person trying to get IT installed properly. It never did, which is why I was "happy" that NXT 6 Pro came out. Not so much, I guess) target.lnk ROXIO_SETUP.LOG ROXIO_SETUP.LOG ROXIO_SETUP.LOG ROXIO_SETUP.LOG ROXIO_SETUP.LOG ROXIO_SETUP.LOG ROXIO_SETUP.LOG ROXIO_SETUP.LOG DVD_20_Install.log ROXIO_SETUP.LOG Roxio MyDVD_Uninstall.log DVD_20_Repair.log ROXIO_SETUP.LOG DVD_20_Repair.log ROXIO_SETUP.LOG DVD_20_Repair.log ROXIO_SETUP.LOG EMC_CONTENT190_Install.log ROXIO_SETUP.LOG EMC_CONTENT190_Install.log ROXIO_SETUP.LOG ROXIO_SETUP.LOG EMC_CONTENT190_Install.log ROXIO_SETUP.LOG BOTPRODUCT_A64_NEC2012_Install.log CPDECODERPACK_435_Install.log EMC_190_Install.log MULTICAMCAPTURE_X64_Install.log RBVIRTUALFOLDER64_0400_Install.log ROXIOCENTRAL_120_Install.log ROXIO_BURN_0400_Install.log ROXIO_SETUP.LOG ROX_DAZZLE_VC_USB_X64_Install.log VIDEOCAP_USB_30_X64_Install.log Dazzle Video Capture DVC100 X64 Driver 1.06_Uninstall.log Roxio Central_Uninstall.log Roxio VHS Capture Driver_Uninstall.log ROXIO_SETUP.LOG BOTPRODUCT_A64_NEC2012_Uninstall.log EMC_190_Uninstall.log MULTICAMCAPTURE_X64_Uninstall.log ROXIO_BURN_0400_Uninstall.log ROXIO_SETUP.LOG ROXIOCENTRAL_120_Repair.log ROXIO_BURN_0400_Repair.log ROXIO_SETUP.LOG VIDEOCAP_USB_30_X64_Repair.log BOTPRODUCT_A64_NEC2012_Install.log BOTPRODUCT_A64_NEC2012_Uninstall.log MULTICAMCAPTURE_X64_Install.log MULTICAMCAPTURE_X64_Uninstall.log ROXIO_BURN_0400_Install.log ROXIO_BURN_0400_Uninstall.log ROXIO_SETUP.LOG EMC_190_Repair.log RBVIRTUALFOLDER64_0400_Repair.log ROXIOCENTRAL_120_Repair.log ROXIO_BURN_0400_Repair.log ROXIO_SETUP.LOG ROX_DAZZLE_VC_USB_X64_Repair.log VIDEOCAP_USB_30_X64_Repair.log LogFile 18-03-29 16-48.zip
  3. FWIW, it still isn't "fixed"...I just received and attempted to instal Creator NXT6 Pro, and the WINDVD issue with "upgrade SP3" that you all are having (invalid serial #)is only ONE of the many, many issues I have with this piece of work. Just for giggles and grins, I tried to install JUST WINDVD after SP3 so graciously uninstalled it </snark>, and it wouldn;t ecen install, saying it was the wrong serial number (I tried all three from the DVD case; none worked) I am becoiming more and more DIS-enchanted with Roxio-touched stuff. The only pieces I know are working from the entire package are the 32- and 64-bit versions of Paint Shop Pro.
  4. strueb357

    Easy Media Creator 9 stop working

    Daithi; I found that link shortly after posting my follow-up. It definitely was worry-making (since Vista seems to be so touchy anyway). But, I bit the bulletm, figuring that if it didn't work, I'd be no worse off. Some of the msconfig responses weren't *quite* as listed, but they were still recognizable. And it worked. And I KNOW for certain, now I'm running 9.1 as well. In any case, thank you for posting that link! "Thill", try it. It most likely will help you, too. Wes Struebing "Panic, chaos, disorder! My work here is done!"
  5. strueb357

    Easy Media Creator 9 stop working

    To follow up on my own post, since I couldn't do a repair I tried an uninstall, but I was unable to completely uninstall Roxio (and then Vista kept telling me I didn't have the authority to remove some files - AND I AM ADMINSTRATOR!), so add/remove programs didn't work. But clearing out some of the files at least enabled me to do an install that supposedly worked. Of course once I did that, I was right back where I started - namely with Roxio not opening the splash screen and none of the individual apps will open except for express labeler... Is there anything out there that does what Roxio EMC clamis to do? I'm geting SO frustrated...
  6. strueb357

    Easy Media Creator 9 stop working

    Gee, "Thill", that was one thing I had no problems with. But then on the dvd's I burned from Roxio, I saw that I had 9.1. Since the dvd doesn't work either (for a repair/reinstall), I wonder whether there is something that is blocking them from opening... Did you, by any chance, download any recent updates from Microsoft, like Windows Defender updates, or other security updates from them? Grasping at straws here, since it seems no one has a good answer for us...
  7. strueb357

    Easy Media Creator 9 stop working

    OK...Will do. Don't know whether it will make any difference with any of the other Roxio apps. (oh, as an aside, the Roxio Express Labeler works just dandy, still) Thanks, Paul. Wes Struebing I pledge allegiance to the Constitution of the United States of America, and to the republic which it established, one nation from many peoples, promising liberty and justice for all.
  8. strueb357

    Easy Media Creator 9 stop working

    Paul; Thank you (I knew that!<G>) However, repair is looking for an msi file, which doesn't exist, and the installation CD (it is EMC 9.1, incidentally) contains but one file - that just spins the cd/dvd drive and never opens. Now, as far as I know Drag-to-Disc works just fine (at least it comes up at boot time), but no other Roxio application opens. So, I'm still hosed. I tried "installing" from the CD on another Vista computer, and the same thing happens there - the .exe, called 1Z22TZX0R03_ECMSuit9.1efigsd.exe does nothing but spin the drive. It never opens. I'd go ahead, uninstall (assuimg I can) and re-install, but I don't have an executable or an msi to do the install. Sorry, Paul... Wes Struebing
  9. strueb357

    Easy Media Creator 9 stop working

    I have the very same problem. Roxio EMC 9 was working fine last night (12/4/2007). Today, it won't even open. At all. I've tried it from the task bar, I've tried it from the icon on my desktop, I've tried it from start/all programs. Nothing. I'm operating Vista Home Premium. On the task bar is an icon for the Roxio Media Experience. That briefly opens the splash page, then shuts down. So, I can't even open it to see whether I have the 9.1 upgrade. A previous email talked about a repair install. How is that accomplished? I have the dvd's I burned from a web download. Thank you in advance. Wesley Struebing
  10. strueb357

    What Happened To Dvd Compression In 805 Update

    Hmm. That may have been it, Larry. Thank you, and I'll give that a shot. (I have since discovered, too, what others have encountered. I was *finally* able to to create a TS_VIDEO - I still don't know what that ROXIOPLASMA folder is... - and got it to burn with DVD COPY (I believe for that I DID use Video Compilation mode) with no errors. It looks great on my multi-DVD changer, and on my *really* cheap dvd player, but the DVD/VCR player/recorder refuses to play it. But the DVD I burned it to was a DVD+R - which is supposed to work in the dvd player - but apparently the format is wrong for it, though. My other menued dvd's were DVD-R...<sigh>
  11. strueb357

    What Happened To Dvd Compression In 805 Update

    I've been checking this thread as well as othjers (different people, different apporaches...) "Fit-to-DVD" IS checked, but MYDVD (I can't use MyDVD express; it doesn't have the options I need to build my meus, etc...) WILL NOT let me compress to fit a DVD. I've tried choosing a slower burn speed for my dvd drives; no help whatsoever. To see if it may be something in the edit/render/burn a new project process, I pulled in one of the projects that worked just fine under EMC7(.5). Same thing. EMC8 WILL NOT let me fir to dvd from MYDVD, and if I create an iso file and try the dvd copy (video compilation, I believe) it splits everytghing out and destroys the menu structure I worked to build. I am getting increasingly frustrated at EMC8 and stuff it did before and will NOT do, now.
  12. strueb357

    Idiot Seeking Merciful Aid...

    Those were, err, literate posts to read above! Thank you! Now, on to my problem, which seems to be rather common, but having read (I swaer/affirm) most every post on under video/mydvd support, my eyes are crossing. I have several .avi files that I've editte and created .mwv's. Under EMC7, I was able to go into MYDVD, create a nice menu structure with an short intor "movie", and two of these puppies per DVD. Yes, ex[panded, they are almost 2G over the 4.7G DVD limit, but with "fit-to-DVD set, EMC7 had NO problem at all burning the project to DVD. Not only does EMC8 NOT permit me to do that, but if I create a video folder (what the heck is a folder called ROXIOPLASMA?), I get errors trying to read it except for POWERPRODUCER (Roxio throsw up some of those error numbers I've seen while reading these posts). If I create an iso file I can go into DVD copy, but it shows the individual files and destroys the menu structure. <sigh> It would be SO much simpler if "fit-to-disc" worked under MYDVD in EMC8...