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  1. I still have the upgrade for 7.5 on my pc, it doesn't show in add/remove programs but I still have the entire upgrade and all its folders on my smaller internal hard drive. I also see on the roxio site that it shows all the upgrades I've bought online, including EMC 7 and EMC 7.5. I found 7.5 in a folder on my hard drive even though it is no longer installed [i'm assuming since it's not listed in add/remove programs. As for burning WMV files to DVD, until 9 all I had was divx to DVD which didn't work with WMV files. I tried to find a program that I could use to make my own DVD's of WMV files to no avail. When I try, it doesn't work! I have a cd rom drive and a dvd drive, but not a dvd burner, I was told that with the right software I could burn a WMV file to DVD or VCD, and that EMC 9 would do it! Is this true or false? My other question is should I just get rid of the file holding the upgrade to 7.5 or should I delete it and then try to get the code to re-download 7 and 7.5 after re-installing EMC 9, or should I just re-install 7.5 without 7 on top of it, or along with EMC9, which for the few simple things I know how to do works, [like burning a copy of a cd, or fixing a picture with the photo editor.
  2. Does anybody have a phone number where you can actually speak with someone? I'm concerned because my upgrades were always done online, without a disc, and I'd like to speak with someone at roxio before uninstalling 7.5 upgrade and finding out I can't reinstall it. I have dell dimension desktop 4300 running windows xp sp2, IE7, 2 internal hard drives, 1-80gb and one 160gb, 512MB of ram, and a 1.66GHZ processor, with a pentium 4. I'm told that my pc is more than capable of running all the software from EMC 9, although I can't figure out how to turn WMV movie files into DVD's, I'm not even sure which program to use. A phone number would be great, and any advice or help is also appreciated! Bill
  3. Are you saying I should uninstall my online upgrade of 7.5? That will leave me with no disk for reinstalling, if I don't need 7.5 to run EMC9 then I can remove it in add/remove programs as it's still there. I just have never really understand how to use most of the programs on the suite before 9, and now I'm really lost!
  4. I started out with a trial version of roxia EMC4 or 5, I upgraded to 7, then to 7.5 [online] and then online I purchased EMC9. I uninstalled EMC7 but I still have 7.5 online upgrade in add/remove programs, and when I defrag my hard drive it says that the entire file for EMC7.5 is fragmented and can't be defragged. Should I not have uninstalled EMC78, or do I need to uninstall EMC 7.5? I'm also having troubles with certain programs like zingtone, I downloaded the trial version, and I made my ringtone, I sent it to my phone, it came in the form of an email address I think I can put into my phone browser, however T-Mobile was unable to help me. I want to purchase the xingtone program as long as I can get my one free ringtone to make sure it works! As far as the other parts of EMC9, I wish I understood it better, I have an I-pod mini, I watch you tube, I have a motorola v3[pearl grey] T-Mobile phone, and I want to turn wmv video files into playable dvd's or some form of recordablle cds that will capture WMV video clips. It's my understanding that roxio EMC9 can do all these things, but I can't figure it out to save my life!!! HELP PLEASE <removed to avoid spam>