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  1. I tried the SpyBot and Ad-aware and cleaned up the system. I also disabled msconfig & restarted. Still have the same results. I unplugged my dsl and phone line connection with no luck. I'll be able to pick up a new IEEE cable tomorrow...we'll see how that goes. It is puzzling to me that I can feed the dv footage into the computer and it looks great on the videowave screen, but when I go to use the 'capture' button everything gets messed up. By the way, I miss my IE 7..is it okay if I reinstall that? I miss the features. If not, I'll wait till after I tackle this capture dilemma. Thanks again.
  2. I don't really know. I am not that knowledgeable. But going over what I have added to my computer this is what is new on it: Quickbooks starter, The Weather Channel, Google Desktop, Google Video Player, Avery Design Pro, Adobe Reader 8, Skype, Nova Development Art Explosion Publisher, Picasa ( photo editing/storage). Do any of those sound like they might make problems? I have yet to get another cable to try. I guess I will try the Spy Bot/Adaware.
  3. When you ask if I installed any new programs since my last capture, are you referring to my last good production or since I tried running capture this week? I haven't added any new programs in the last week, but I have added some new since I actually made a movie with videowave.
  4. Hi ~ I tried the uninstall of IE 7, restarted, and it had no effect. I cleaned up the previews as well. I still can't capture smoothly. If I have a bad cable, how can I tell? And if I have something wrong with my capture hardware, how do I go about checking that out? I am not real savvy on in-depth computer repair, but if you have time to talk me thru it, I would give it a whirl. I thank you for your time. I wouldn't know where to start if you hadn't given me some ideas of where to narrow the problem down.
  5. Hi. I am using Windows XP. I tried Windows Movie Maker and it's capture is identical to what I am experiencing in Roxio. I have Internet Explorer 7. You say if I have IE7 it will 'break' Movie Creatore? You mean it keeps it from running properly? I have made several movies on here previously with my Videowave and I don't think I updated Explorer since my last movie, but I guess it could be possible that I did. I can't really verify when I may have updated to IE 7. So if I uninstall IE7 that might help? How do I do that? Go to add/remove programs? Then you say IE 6 will automatically install after restart? hm..just making sure I understand. If I try going to Tools, Options, File control and delete preview files, which previews is it actually eliminating?I have previews from previous works in my system and I don't know if I dare remove them or perhaps I won't be able to access them again? Or would I? I don't have any footage saved at all from this new work as I didn't have any worth saving with the capture not working, so there are not any previews available for this new work. So which avenue should I take first? I really appreciate your help and patience. Thank you so much.
  6. Does anyone have any ideas? I defragged, I tried to update from the program itself (while removing firewall and popup blockers and it still wouldn't update). I am frustrated because it worked great many times before. I made sure my cables were all plugged in securely. Thank you.