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  1. Akumar

    Bluray Plugin

    Thanks. I did find a folder when I clicked the dmg file. Other applications were found inside the folder.
  2. Akumar

    Bluray Plugin

    I want to burn a BDMV folder using the Toast11 Pro. However when I choose the BDMV option , a window pops up saying that the toast titanium HD/BD plug-in is required to create blu-ray video or high definition on standard dvd discs. I thought the blu-ray plug in is included in the 'pro' edition. does anyone have the same problem or answer to this problem?
  3. Akumar

    Ati Radeon Hd 4850

    I have HD4850 and I was able to copy a Bluray disc.
  4. Akumar

    Toaast Titanium-10

    I thought that Final cut express will not output the files in HD [AVCHD or m2ts] format to be recorded on either DVD or bluray disc.[correct me if Iam wrong, as Iam still learning] That is the reason I even got Titanium toast. I had used Roxio's 'creator' when I was using windows and it was such an elaborate program that you can do many things. But the 'toast' is a small one compared to that.
  5. Akumar

    Toaast Titanium-10

    I got toast titanium 10 [not pro] and the blu-ray plug in to record HD clips from my sony camcorder HDR-sr12. I have an imac27 and final cut express. Iam trying to make a bluray disc after I was able to bring in my clips from my camcorder into the program. But each clip [ 45 seconds to 3-5min each] forms a new chapter. I have 30-40 clips. I want to combine the clips of HD files so that I can have about 4-6 chapters[with buttons for each chapter]. Can toast titanium10 combine the HD clips?