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    Blu Ray Burning On Toast 8

    I have been using Toast 8 for Mac and just acquired a blu ray burner. What is necessary for Blu Ray video burning compatibility? Thanks, Kenneth Davis
  2. travelerkgd

    Surround Sound For Blu Ray Using Toast 10

    I am wondering how Surround Sound can be added to a Blu Ray video disc using Toast 10 or another Roxio product. Thanks.
  3. travelerkgd

    Viewing VCD with Toast 8

    I have a VCD that needs to be converted; however toast seems unable to read. How may I solve this? I'm new to Toast so unsure how to proceed. Thanks! Travelerkgd
  4. travelerkgd

    Create DVD from Final Cut Pro

    I'm new to Toast 8, so I am unsure how to: 1) Create a DVD from an FCP Project or Quicktime File (is it similar to DVDSP?) 2) Is there a way to control the burning speed? A particular edit I have seems to loose SYNC when burning with DVDSP and that software has no control over the burning speed. Thanks! Travelerkgd