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  1. I was wondering if any NXT 6 users who also had version 5 could weigh in on whether or not this is an improvement over its predecessor. I'm not referring to features, those always "improve". I'm talking about things like stability and functionality. For instance, I rip audio books from CD frequently. in NXT 5, if you had multiple CD/DVD readers you could theoretically start a rip from multiple disks simultaneously. I would often run 4 disks at the same time. In practice, it was clear (I'm a programmer) that they had serious multi-threading issues because often the rip from one CD would corrupt or interfere with the output from another. The program in general was buggy, crashed frequently, and misbehaved more than just about any other utility I owned. I'm only prepared to be fooled a second time if the general consensus is that the product is Much Better Now.
  2. Depends on who you're dealing with. Several vendors have a single user policy - my compiler for one, my Windows explorer replacement for another. As long as only one person uses the software at any given time, they don't care on how many machines you install it.
  3. Well isn't that just an unacceptable situation.
  4. I just bought NXT Pro. I'd like to convert video and do light image editing from my laptop, but I use my more formidable desktop for the heavy lifting. Most applications are fine with this arrangement - will I run afoul of Roxio's licensing if I do?
  5. That's an excellent suggestion. I'll do that as soon as I find the disk and let it reinstall. I know I put it down here somewhere...
  6. When I get home tonight I will amend my signature to include machine specs, but there's little of interest there. I have a home-built vanilla Core Duo 6600 on an ASROCK mb with Matshita DVD-R/W and a LiteOn DVD-R/W, a mix of IDE/SATA hard disks, an external USB backup drive, 2 Gb memory, ATI x800 graphics, Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 sound card, and Windows XP Pro with all updates. My anti-virus is Norton Internet Suite 2007 (at least until the subscription expires - then I go back to AVG and Spy Sweeper). I do not ever run any kind of periodic cleanup or registry optimization tool - I have found exactly what you're referring to in the past when those tools believe registry entries to be orphaned, remove them, and you only discover the damage at a later time. I have Norton configured to ask me what to do about viruses and trojans, but it has never once found anything more malignant than a tracking cookie on my system since I am also meticulous about keeping applications from untrusted sources. My PC is as clean of malware as I can conceivably make it. I make routine weekly backups of my I wish I could be more precise about cause and effect, but I often go weeks without using Roxio, so the length of time between what caused the problem and my noticing it is usually too long to make any inferences. I run three different compilers on my system, EDA design tools, CAD tools, movie editing software, music processing, math and engineering applications, Microsoft office, games, digital photo editing - far too much to make an exhaustive list or to try to install/uninstall/check for conflicts. I do recall two installations in the last month - Pinnacle Studio 10 and Adobe Photoshop Elements 6. Probably a handful of games since my game drive was rendered useless in a firmware upgrade malfunction. Whatever the problem, when it comes right down to it, the only application that ever seems affected is Roxio. It is the only app that periodically wakes up only to think that it hasn't been properly installed. What I will do for the near future is to record any significant changes to my system over the next few months after I repair Roxio and watch for the failure again. If I learn anything useful, I will report back here. Good feedback is the most useful thing a developer can get to track down a problem.
  7. The point is not can I fix the problem once it surfaces - I can always fix it, even if by "fix it" I have to do a repair installation or a complete wipe/reinstall. I have now successfully fixed it a half dozen times. The issue is that I have to do this in the first place. Or the third. Or the sixth. It's gotten so that I expect to see Roxio attempt to reinstall itself every time I use any of the program components. As for the specifics: 1. Turn off antivirus - not the issue. The software always installs correctly and then runs for some period of time. The problem is that it does not stay installed correctly. 2. Try repair installation - sometimes this works, sometimes it does not. Short of some catastrophic system issue, it should not even be necessary. Let's be clear about my level of expertise. I write Windows software for a living. I am intimately familiar with most aspects of the operating system and all manner of computers in general. This is not a simple case of "operator error". I have found one compatibility issue with Roxio and ATI MMC that I know how to fix. I do not run any registry cleaners or optimizers, nor am I in the habit of making the kinds of changes that would invalidate an installation unless I #$^@ sure know what I'm doing. No other programs on my computer suffer from this problem, and I run more applications than you can shake a very big stick at.
  8. So I've about had it with this tool. I install Easy Media Creator 9. It runs for some short amount of time, perhaps a month, though my use is sporadic and its hard to know precisely. Then one day I'll launch one of the tools and get the "Roxio Easy Media Creator is configuring..." dialog. Cancel. Next dialog. Cancel. Repeat as necessary, and necessary is a very long time. Tools still run for the most part. Finally get tired of the problem, locate the disk (which I should have imaged by now, I need it so frequently) and let the configuration run to completion. I have been through this same scenario at least a half dozen times now since I first bought the product. On at least two occasions I have had to do a complete wipe/reinstall of the suite to get full functionality back. Whatever information this tool is storing in the Registry, you folks appear to have found a way to make sure that it doesn't stick. Jesus, give the old .ini file days when everything a program needed was in one place. The windows registry has to be the single most obnoxious invention promulgated on the end users. I have purchased my last Roxio product for the near future. I've been a faithful user of the program since version 5, and every major release since then has been one more iteration in a slow death spiral. Now I'm getting version 10 update email - not bloody likely! The hoops I have to jump through just to keep this version running are, well, unacceptable.
  9. First time I installed Easy Media Creator 9, it wreaked so much havoc on my system that I was forced to do a clean install of XP. Oh well, those of us who are long time users of Microsoft operating systems are pretty calloused about having to do that every 18 months or so. So now I have a fresh XP installation. EMC 9 now works, mostly (MyDVD crashes far too frequently - the first time another program has made me think that Pinnacle has a good product!). The one annoyance that won't go away is that Windows Installer runs every time I start up many of the EMC 9 products. The main Home app, MyDVD, VideoWave - there may be others, I haven't done an exhaustive list. I get the dialog title "Roxio Easy Media Creator 9 Suite" with the message "Please wait while Windows configures Roxio Easy Media Creator 9 Suite". Windows installer then tells me that I have to reboot to complete the configuration changes. If I reboot, the same thing happens next time I run the tool. If instead I tell the installation that I will reboot later (and I have to cancel three of these dialogs every time I use any Roxio tool), then I can use the tool, and everything seems fine. Until the next time I open a Roxio program, and play the game over again. So what information is not getting written to or removed from the registry to inform Roxio that it is properly configured? I've been using EMC from version 5, and so far, for all the headache I've gone through to get this program working, this is the first version that I regret having purchased.