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    appleTV conversion problem

    It is the bitrate I believe, but it's not just the automatic setting. It's both the automatic and the high settings. It makes the video so degraded that it almost looks like I took a 160x120 video and blew it up.
  2. thumbprint

    appleTV conversion problem

    I've been trying to convert some movies for appleTV by setting the video quality to High quality, but it doesn't work. The output preview will say the file be one size (ie- 177mb) but the finished product is a completely different size (ie- 12mb) and the quality is extremely low. It's like the the preset for the menu is off. The preset for the iPod Video works fine, but not for the appleTV. I end up having to go in and manually set the conversion settings and it won't let me keep the video at full frame when I do it manually. It won't give me an option for the full 720x480, only 640x480. I've tried it on multiple computers and they're all doing the same thing. Anyone have any ideas. Thanks. -thumbprint