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    I have recently backed up several years worth of my teaching files on a DVD ROM using D2D. Over the summer I was able to read the files and move them from the DVD to my hard drive. The last time I ejected the DVD I received an error message and now the disc is unreadble. Using the Disc Information tool I am able to see my 3 "tracks" (with one track holding 4 GB of info) but I can't retreive the information. I have tried using the Finalize disc, Recover My Data recovery software and even brought it to my University help desk in hopes that they would know what to do (okay, for that I should be scolded!). I have already reinstalled the DVD drivers, cleaned the DVD, tried to create a disc image but I have had no luck and am feeling dire at this point. Can anyone suggest options that I can investigate to retrieve these files? (Memorex DVD medium using a Toshiba DVD driver). Thanks, Paul Beaudoin, PhD