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  1. chris_kost

    capturing a picture from video

    Thank you!!
  2. I am using emc8 and have a video, that I would like to get a couple of freeze frame pictures from. Can I do this using emc8?
  3. chris_kost

    disk blank after burning

    I compiled two slideshows using Video Wave. I then added them to the My Menu window of MYDVD. Once on the My Menu Screen, I clicked on Preview and both slideshows played without a problem. I then clicked on the "burn" Button. Then next screen that came up was the Burn Project screen. I went through the steps and not I am trying to burn again. Okay, I just went and upgraded the firmware to my dvd-rw and that took care of the problem. Thanks for you help anyway. Chris
  4. chris_kost

    disk blank after burning

    ok, i have my slideshows on the my dvd menu, they play 100% in the preview mode, i go to burn on a dvd-r in mr pioneer 104 burner. everything seems to burns and it gets completely to the end. But when I try to search the disk is has nothing on it. The DVD says "free space: 0 bytes, "Total size 0 bytes. Can anyone help me understand what is going on and how to fix it. Thanks, Chris
  5. chris_kost

    Video Wave Problems

    Yep! Thanks for the thought ggrussell
  6. chris_kost

    Video Wave Problems

    sknis, thanks for your help but nothing has changed. Here is the run through. I am running directx 9 Have internet explorer 6.02xxx Options on the videowave menu says that I default to Hardware Under transitions i have about 26 and then 1 that says "potluck" and has 246 transitions I don't know how to set virtual memory so if you could walk me through that would be great I went to dxdiag and all video tests pass my settings on the display settings is 1024x768. my text resolution is set to 96dpi finally all sony downloads have been made. Still nothing has changed. Plus on the video wave screen, the show settings is greyed out. thanks but things still haven't changed.
  7. chris_kost

    Video Wave Problems

    Okay I have used many versions of Roxio and I purchased emc8 about 2 months ago and have had problems since. I have installed, uninstalled, installed, uninstalled many times with the help of many of you. I have gone deleted off of regedit, msconfig, properteries, I have deleted registry keys, everything all of you have suggested. I have also upgraded my video card drivers and still when I go to use videowave (since slideshow assistant is not a favorite of many of yours) I can insert pictures, transitions etc but when I go to preview I do not have the navigational bar under the preview screen. I have run virus software norton, spyware (spybot, adaware, pc bug doctor) Any suggestions that can help me? I have my parents 40th coming up soon and would really like to get a video done for them. Sony vaio p4 2.4 radeon 9550 256mb video card 1.5gb ram 125 mb hard drive windows xp w/ service pak 2
  8. chris_kost

    Videowave Preview

    can someone explain where the controls are to preview a slideshow in VideoWave? I have the slide show done but now I want to preview it and there are no controls for this. no play, pause, stop nothing. I watched the tutorial and it looks like under the preview screen that there is a bar of controls. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you
  9. chris_kost

    Error 1406

    Hey there I am in the process of reinstalling emc8 and i get "installation failure 1406 - Could not write to key .... please check that you have sufficient access to that key" I am running Windows XP. I am the admin on the computer. I have gone through the registry to the exact key that the error states (My Computer\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{4123e712-5c64-43b8-ac3b-d677c1e36c9e}\ProgID) and "Everyone" is listed as the available users, and it has full permission. Any Help would be great. I would like to use emc8 someday!!
  10. chris_kost

    Slideshow Assistant

    sknis, thanks for the idea but it still does not operate correctly. Any other suggestions from anyone?
  11. chris_kost

    Slideshow Assistant

    I recently installed emc8 and things seemed to be running fine until I had tried using video wave and found out that I needed to add more memory. So now I had to uninstall emc8 and reinstall. Now if I go to photo and then slideshow, slideshow assistant will not pop up. It just goes back to the photo options page. Any suggestions. Thanks Sony vaio p4 2.4 1.5 mb ram 120hd 256 video card
  12. Okay, first thanks to all who have helped in the past. Here is my current problem. I uninstalled and reinstalled emc8. Now I can open the emc8 home screen but nothing else will open when I click on it. I am run p4 2.4 1.5mb ram, 256 mb video card etc. I know my specs can handle this but why can't I open anything?
  13. chris_kost


    When I try to start videowave or slideshow assistant. I get a box that opens that tries to install DAO. However it will not install. can anyone explain to me what DAO is and what is happening when I try to open those apps. Thank you
  14. chris_kost

    Slideshow Preview

    Thanks for the informaiton so far. Okay video card is 256mb and systems is pent 4 2.4. When I open VideoWave if freezes any ideas?
  15. chris_kost

    Slideshow Preview

    Ok i just updated from 6.0 to 8.0 and wow are there some differences. Can anyone help me with this problem. I go to photo and then slideshow assistant, I add photos, then audio and then I try to preview but I can't. What am i doing wrong. I then get to the last screen in slideshow assistant and try to go to video 8 to edit something I haven't seen yet and my computer freezes. Any Ideas? Thank you.