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    Can't burn DVD

    I have Easy DVD Copier, Easy CD & DVD Copier, and Easy Media Copy 9. Up until this week I had no problem copying DVDs. I just tried copying four different DVDs, using all three programs, and was unable to burn them. On Easy CD & DVD, at 46%, I got this error message: "Cannot write medium. The recordable speed of this medium is not compatible with the capabilities of this recorder. Unit not ready." Say what? I tried ImgBurn and got similar messages: "Cannot format Medium. Unsupported Medium Write Speed. What do these messages mean? Is it something that I can fix? Is the burner itself broken? I am very dumb technically so I appreciate any help I can get, in simple language. Thank you.
  2. Starstruck


    Thanks for your help but nothing works. I removed CinePlayer Decoder Pack but it still opens up when I insert a DVD, and I get a "Preparing to install" popup! I can't use the "File, select Open With" trick because I am talking about DVDs, not files. I REALLY need to make CinePlayer go away altogether! Any other ideas would be most appreciated! Kay
  3. Starstruck

    Lost Video Sound

    Thanks for replying, Brendon. Yes, I checked the volume controls first thing; all are set to highest level and nothing is muted. I just don't understand why sound files play fine but the sound on videos doesn't play, and I need to know what to do to fix the problem. A new sound card perhaps? Is that an expensive repair? Any suggestions are welcome! Kay
  4. Starstruck

    Lost Video Sound

    Help! I am getting no help from HP on this so I am turning to helpful Roxio folks. I have lost the sound on all my videos on my hard drive! The sound files (MP3 etc.) play just fine, but videos downloaded from Rapidshare, my video cameras, etc. show only pictures and very faint sound or no sound at all. I went through all the diagnostics on my computer and nothing worked. Any help would be appreciated. Kay
  5. Starstruck


    How do I make CinePlayer DVD Decoder go away? It has taken over as the default DVD player and I can not use my disposable video camera files as I previously could (emailing, saving to hard drive, etc.)
  6. I am unable to copy DVDs using Roxio 6 or 10. In 6 I get this message: "There is not enough disc space available on the drive where your selected temporary directory is located. Please select a different drive and path, or make more space available in the current drive." I have never had trouble copying CDs and DVDs from my F drive before. I don't know what this message means or how to "make more space available" in the drive. Thanks for your help, Later: Oops. Never mind. I figured it out. They should write these error messages in a language that an idiot like me can understand, like, "Clean out your C-drive, stupid." Thanks anyway.
  7. Starstruck

    extract audio tracks from a DVD

    I have successfully extracted audio tracks from several DVDs and burned the tracks to DVDs. However, recently I have come across DVDs that give me a Read Error message. These DVDs (pirates) can be played and copied with no problem, so what could cause the Read Error message?
  8. Starstruck

    reduce video size

    This may be the wrong place for this question, but I have two short videos - 50.1 MB and 31.4 MB - that I would like to upload to the files section of a Yahoo group. It doesn't work and I get the message that the file must be smaller than 5120K. I have successfully uploaded small videos in the past. Is it possible to reduce my videos small enough to be uploaded? I can reduce audio files for uploading, but I don't know how to reduce videos, or even if it can be done. I have Roxio Creator 9 and AVS Video Converter, if either of those can be used.
  9. Starstruck

    9 messed up 6!

    Thanks for the help. Turns out that V9 CAN copy a DVD - I must have been doing it wrong. A friend was able to burn a single DVD of the 2 1/2 hour video (it's an opera) I have been trying to do, from the same source, and apparently using V9. I would still like to learn to do it myself. I still need to know: does the encoding process take 6 hours or more? What do I do when the encoding is finished?
  10. Starstruck

    9 messed up 6!

    Why can't I use Creator 6 to burn a DVD? I have a 2 1/2 hour video that I downloaded from RapidShare. I joined the files with HJSplit and got a RealPlayer .avi video. I tried without success to burn it to DVD using DVD builder. So I downloaded a trial version of Easy Media Creator 9 Suite and tried using Disc Copier - it didn't work. I tried DVD Express - it spent 6 hours "encoding" and I could see the video on the little screen, but I still got no DVD. It finished at 100% but the DVD was blank. Was there something else I should have done? And even if it had worked, should it take so long? Even worse, now my other copiers - Creator 6 and Easy DVD Copy - aren't working either! I try to copy DVDs I have copied in the past and get "Cannot write medium. The recordable speed of this medium is not compatible with the capabilities of the recorder. Unit not ready." I urgently need a DVD copier. Should I remove Creator 9 to use the other two, or remove Creator 6 and DVD Copier in order to use Creator 9? (Forgive the newbie dumbness!)