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    Missing Mpeg-2 Codec

    Some answers and some new questions. 1 - I downloaded the trial pro version of the suggested "Revo Uninstaller" and used it for EMC9 on both of my drives that I had it installed on. 2 - I then booted into the secondary drive with my router turned off and installed EMC9. I did not get any codec error messages and could work with mpeg-2 with no problems. I then got out of the program and turned on my router and accessed EMC9 again. I got the codec error message.screens as before. 3 - I then booted into my primary drive with the router turned off and installed EMC9. I still got the codec error message but without the script error messages. The first screen was the "Product Activation with Offline Activation Option" (See Error 1). After selecting "Offline Registration" I got the screen with the 5 boxes. (See Error 2) There is supposed to be a 25 digit code listed but there isn't. (See next Item #4). "Cancel" takes me out of the video edit program. When I turned on the router I got the codec error message and after clicking "OK" I got the "Product activation in progress screen" (See Error 3). The next screen asks "Activate this feature now" (See Error 4). The next screen says "Invalid Product Key". (See Error 5). Cancel takes me out of the video feature. 4 - When I tried to access EMC9 on the other computer that EMC9 had worked with the internet on or off, I got the codec error message but trying "Offline Registration" gave me the 25 digit number (See Error 6). Following the instructions & entering the 25 digit code on the Roxio screen gave me another error message (See Error 7). What did I learn. - The video card is not the problem - EMC9 does try to contact their server when accessing their video programs. - Evidently, left over data from my "uninstalls" caused my "Script error" problems (corrected by Revo). - I have no explanation why Roxio EMC9 is inconsistent on identical Operating Systems drives/computers. I can see why Roxio no longer supports it. - For now, when I work with video, I can only use EMC9 on my secondary boot drive with Internet access turned off.
  2. zubb99

    Missing Mpeg-2 Codec

    I installed EMC 9 on another drive on my computer that has it's own Windows XP Pro OS and when I try to work with videos, after the "missing mpeg-2 codec message I get the error message "No permission - bad installation". (See attachment). I uninstalled & re-installed the software with no change. Then I went into the registry & deleted every entry that had "roxio" in it, (hundreds of entrys). I got the same error message. As I said before, when I installed it on a different (8 year old) XP Pro computer, it didn't matter if I was connected or not to the internet, I did not get any Mpeg-2 error messages. It does not make sense, but it seems that something in my hardware (probably the MSI video card that was installed around the same time as my computer crash) is not compatible with the Roxio software. If it is, I'm concerned about upgrading my Roxio software. I've been experimenting with the "Cyberlink Ultra" trial download & even though it has some nice features I prefer Roxio because it's tied into their "Photosuite" software that I like and have been using successfully since Photosuite 4. Unfortunately I cannot find any Roxio trial downloads. Thanks again for your comments and advice.
  3. zubb99

    Missing Mpeg-2 Codec

    As I stated before, my software is a retail boxed version that I bought directly from Roxio. My version & build appears to be newer than Brendon's (See Attachment). My video card is a NVIDIA GeForce GTX Ti and the drivers are up to date. My fonts are set to 96DPI. I did have a computer crash and had to do some hardware manipulation since the last time that I tried to edit video. Other than video editing. everything works fine. I did un-install and re-install and still get the same error messages. Googling my problem I found a suggestion on how to manualy activate the software (See attachment). I tried it, but evidently my script errors prevent me from getting to line #4 (activate offline). I just installed the software on another computer that has no Internet connection & even though I get some script errors I can create Mpeg-2 video, so evidently it's a compatablity problem between the software & my computer. Something must have changed when my computer crashed. I have the capability to boot into another hard drive on my computer, I'll have to try to install EMC 9 on that drive. I'll let you know how I make out. I welcome any other suggestions.
  4. zubb99

    Missing Mpeg-2 Codec

    My retail version is the boxed version that I ordered directly from Roxio. There are 2 CDs. An installation CD and a "Content" CD. Other than any Roxio function that requires "mpg 2", all the other Roxio functions work OK. I'll try to explain all the error messages I get after the 2 original error screens that I posted. (Good luck trying to follow them) - If I click "yes" on the second error message, I get the script error message Error # 3) - Clicking yes on that screen gives me the blank screen with 2 buttons (Error # 4) - Clicking the left button on (Error # 4) gives me (Error # 5) "the application will now close". - Clicking OK keeps me in Roxio, but takes me to the "Home Video Screen" - Clicking the right button of (Error # 4) gives another error message (Error # 6) - Clicking yes on (Error # 6) gives me a screen with 5 boxes and 3 buttons (Screen # 7) - The empty boxes will accept data, but the 5 box format does not match my (xx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx) installation CD Key format - The right button gives me (Error # 8) - The middle button takes me to my print option screen - The left button gives the close message again (Error # 5) - Clicking OK on (Error # 5) keeps me in Roxio but takes me to the Roxio Creaor 9 Home "video" screen When I installed Roxio on another computer, I still get the same script errors but I get a new error message (Error #9). "No permission - bad instllation". OK takes me back to Home Video Screen
  5. zubb99

    Missing Mpeg-2 Codec

    Thanks for your responses. I apologize for incorrectly posting in Creator 2009. My software is Creator 9. I am using XP Pro Sp3. The strange thing is, the software has been working fine up until now. I tried to install the software on another XP Pro Sp3 computer & got the same message. Evidently the Digital Guru is correct. Roxio evidently attempts to contact the inactive activation server to validate the installation. Unfortunately you have tp pay $25.00 for Roxio/Sonic tech support. If I upgrade, any suggestions regarding Roxio Creator NXT 2 vs Cyberlink Power Director Ultra?
  6. zubb99

    Missing Mpeg-2 Codec

    When I attempt to use the retail version Easy Roxio Creator 9 - "Edit Video with Video Wave", I get the error message "The following codecs must be activated befor using the application - MPEG-2." When I select "OK" I get a "script error" error message & then I cannot go any further. (See attachments for the error messages.)
  7. Whenever I close EMC9 I get the following error message. "The instruction at "0x08043437" referenced memory at "0x08293c48". The memory could not be "read". Click on OK to terminate the program". The error message title is: "Roxio_Central33.exe - Application Error". I would appreciate any advice on how to eliminate this annoying problem.