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    appleTV conversion problem

    Thanks for the suggestion, I have EyeTV and I remembered there was hw compressor. It seems the speed is something that will not get improved unless I use something like this. I ordered one from Amazon to see if it helps....
  2. sml000

    appleTV conversion problem

    I have same problem with my software. Do I have to reset this value everytime I go into custom? I am very unhappy with the speed of the conversion as well, I am on 24" iMac with 2gb memory, it takes hours to convet a movie for my AppleTV. Does anyone have any suggestions on improving the performance? I am thinking of asking for refund and try something else.
  3. sml000

    Crunch takes for EVER

    I am on iMac 24" dual core and I have same problem. It takes forever to convert. I am going to try media fork, this is really not a good product, there is a serious bug with the sw and bitrate as well, when you convert for AppleTV, the quality is very bad and I read from other posters that you need to go into custom to change the mode, Roxio has no fix for this either. I would ask for refund but I waited too long.