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  1. Tried burning at 2X with the same result. One more piece of info: The navigation doesn't work either. My menu uses two pages and the arrow button that moves between the pages has the exact same problem. Ann.
  2. I'm using a Toshiba SD 4980 (modified to code-free and PAL/NTSC compatibility, originally made for US). Disc is intended for Europe, but I'm obviously not sending it off until it works here. All commercial DVDs have worked without any problems. Ann.
  3. Bear with me, this is my first entry into the DVD world. Installed MyDVD9 which came bundled with a Vista laptop on XP-pro. Did get a message about a incompatible plug-in. Made a simple DVD project consisting of a couple of short movies. Burned as a PAL DVD (used Sony DVD-R disc). DVD works fine on my computer and loads on the DVD player (menu displays on TV). However, pressing play or enter on the DVD player has no effect. Anybody as any ideas about why this is happening or how to fix it? Any help is much appreciated, thanks Ann.