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    Medium Error

    After much investigation, hardware test, and trying several brands of DVD-R, it looks like the issue was the brand of DVD's. Funny, I'd used one brand for several years and all of a sudden they aren't compatible anymore. Switched brands and all seems fine now.
  2. davey84jones

    Medium Error

    Thank you. How would I find out about firmware update?
  3. davey84jones

    Medium Error

    Trying to burn data disc using Toast 7 Titanium. Getting message that says "The drive reported an error: Sense Key = Medium Error Sense Code = 0x73, 0x03." Any idea what this is and how to fix so I can burn DVD disc?
  4. davey84jones

    Medium Error

    Thanks. I tried a different brand disc and it worked fine. Will check into your other suggestions.
  5. davey84jones

    Medium Error

    Have "ripped" dvd content using Mactheripper and remastered. Am trying to burn to dvd using Toast 6. Keeps telling me that drive has "medium error". What is that and how can I fix it? Using Fuji dvd-r. Is the dvd brand an issue?