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    Cine Player Does Not Support H.264?

    you are right brendon, it looks like cine player does support H.264 (my version), but can't handle MKVs. today i could be able to play a DVDrip encoded in AVC/AAC/MP4. well, for AVI, MP4 and MKV, KMplayer/splayer is my choice, for rather unusual files, my choice is VLC, but i wanted to be able to play my MKVs in 3D. cine player does convert 2D into 3D if file is supported. apparently, powerDVD supports more file formats and it also supports conversion of 2D into 3D. MKV playback in 3D was awesome with trial version. i may have to buy powerDVD. only two other players that play BD disks are arcsoft's and winDVD. review of winDVD is pretty bad, and i don't have a good impression about it either. don't know much about arcsoft's. i liked cine player though. both powerDVD and cine player consume almost the same amount of memory, but the crash rate of powerDVD is higher (more expensive as well).
  2. Very disappointed to see Cine Player does not support H.264. This means you cannot play MKVs. Conversely, Cyberlink's PowerDVD does support H.264 in addition to all formats supported by Cine Player. Shame on Roxio?
  3. mukhi

    Cine Player Does Not Support H.264?

    interesting brendon, thanks for the info. i have got cine player (version 5.6 A04) with my asus 3D laptop. don't know which upgrade would do it. gotta check it out! funniest thing is roxio mentions this cine player with 3D as to "Playback 2D and 3D DVDs on your PC" although this plays BD-3D.
  4. mukhi

    Cine Player Does Not Support H.264?

    i think licensing issue is also true for roxio. however, H.264 is not going anywhere given its potential. x.264 is the best free codec available so far for encoding BD/DVD to MKVs that can be played in non-standalone software players.