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    Emc10 Loads At Startup. How Can I Stop It?

    No, application may have separate module for these things. That's your opinion and your preference, others obviously may differ. Saying that "The only 'functionality' of entries in the start menu is a portion of the program is loaded into memory and it opens slightly faster." is in the best case imprecise.
  2. another_two

    Emc10 Loads At Startup. How Can I Stop It?

    No. However there are autostart programs that are preloaders (like OpenOffice quick start feature for example), lots of program use autostart entries fe. for checking for updates or verifying configuration, not mentioning ones that set up some services in this way, required for the proper functioning of the "core" program.
  3. another_two

    Flac Image

    He asked if burning "flac image" is possible with EMC. Apparenty is not, so he provided a solution for those who might have the same question.
  4. Try to update DirectX and graphics drivers. Maybe also try setting in Options rendering to Software or Hardware (ie change currently selected option to the other one).
  5. another_two

    Emc10 Loads At Startup. How Can I Stop It?

    An of course you lose functionalities provided by these autostarts.
  6. another_two

    Roxio 10 No AVCHD support?

    FYI, here's a quote dated Sept 06 2007: "[Roxio director of product management Tom ] Vaughan also says support for the up-and-coming AVCHD video format will added before the end of the year."
  7. another_two

    Version 11?

    Although all coding for EMC11 is probably aready (almost) completed, and for sure all new features are already defined, here's my word on it. - I hope Roxio will eventually figure out more logical functional layout for the tools and stop making strange moves stuffing options in different places (like moving disc copy to a separate embedded applet and removing it from separate disc copy applet- why second move?). Why f.e there is separate Disc Music Creator, while it obviously should be a part of Creator Classic (just look at window layout) - I suppose for the sole purpose of increasing application count :/ - stop removing tools with no reasonable replacement- Back On Track advertisement instead of a backup tool (luckily BUMP update from EMC9 works perfecly as a stand-alone app). What they are going to remove in EMC11- have you wondered? - VideoWave- 4 or more video effects for what is obviously the same effect just with one setting changed - again, count stuffing- just miserable - lack of real help system (Hold Position option in VideoWave - should it really be deciphered by forum members?) - support with intelligence of a door post... you know it... - no updates, that's just user-hostile - user forum with posts disappearing with no traces- some coward(s) here... - I don't want to have to run the Central to use some EMC functionality- EMC9 was better here. Still, the Central can remain for ease of use. - total lack of tool that could check/repair EMC installation. It should be simple, Roxio knows what should be where... I believe... against reason...?
  8. another_two

    Verify Doesn't Work (mostly)

    There are a few free tools that check CD in a few minutes. There is no difference in checking at byte and bit level- when you compare bytes you compare bits of a byte, isn't it? Or do you mean subchannel data?
  9. another_two

    How To Set Burn Speed

    Before opening Options dialog, insert a CD into drive and let system notice it. Then the available speeds should appear on the speed list.
  10. another_two

    Mydvd: Chapters During Preview Mode Not Functioning

    I've had similar problems. It seems that the Preview sometimes behaves improperly.
  11. another_two

    Roxio 10 No AVCHD support?

    The most often reason for that is that development and marketing are loosely connected. I'm afraid that AVCHD support mentioned by Roxio employee here on forums regarded EMC11. a_t
  12. another_two

    Slow Reacting Gui In Mydvd

    It's on XP forgot to add. Dialogs are standard 2D drawn objects. How is it with your MyDVD? Does it react fast? a_t
  13. another_two

    Editing Chapters Using Roxio Emc 10

    Well, if you try to make chapters in MyDVD dialog try to do it from VideoWave (run from MyDVD with Edit Movie option) and vice versa. a_t
  14. another_two

    Slow Reacting Gui In Mydvd

    Hello! EMC has never had speedy gui (I mean reacting to user input), but MyDVD/VideoWave are even worse than the rest. Fe. after adding Unlinked button to a project in MyDVD and selecting 2. page of its settings (the one with coloured squares in tab), it appears after almost 10 seconds, accompanied by constant disk thrashing. Right mouse button menus take noticeable time to appear- much longer than in other Windows applications. File selection dialog (the one used to add movies) renders a couple seconds as well, not mentioning dialogs used for selecting menu or button style. Do you experience the same behaviour? I'm on P4 3.2GHZ, 3GB RAM, Raptor HDD and X300SE graphics. No similar problems in other (also similar) applications, fe Corel's VideoStudio works much faster. a_t
  15. another_two

    Polish Version Avaliable

    Hello! I meant time rather than exact version numbers. We are _probably_ half-way to 11. Afaik Polish has never been an option at EMC release. But as a consumer-level software it should rather be localized. I havent seen EMC10 here in stores. On the other hand, there is plenty of competition packages- latest version, fully localized. a_t