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  1. I looked and advanced settings, but didn't see anything, I'll try when I get home, thanks. I burned a data disk of my movie maker file and brought it to work to see if I could get it to save as a movie file. Opened the project and have all red Xs where my pictures are. I'm at a loss with this project and thinking I might just totally redo it in Roxy tonight... I need it to be good quality. If someone could answer a few questions for me: Does Roxy allow you to shorten and fade out songs? I have 3 songs and had to shorten the middle one in length. Does it allow you to lengthen just certain pictures? Am I going to have to save it in AVI as a movie (like I do in WMovieMaker) to burn it to a disc? Thanks for all of your help!
  2. Well, I could import the movie maker file into Roxio (although not in AVI as I wanted and have done in the past). My computer just does not want to save that file, so frustrating b/c the burned copy is a little choppy and this is someone who is paying. I have version 7 and could not find a repeat ANYWHERE, it's OK, she can just hit repeat on the player. Thanks for all of your help guys! This project is wearing me out!
  3. I'm sorry, I'm having a hard time today... I have over 18 Gig available space Thanks for the suggestions everyone. Hopefully something will work for both issues.
  4. I'm sorry, I have 18 Gigs available (I'm not so good with the tech aspect, sorry!!) And yes I meant NTSC (thanks) I'm sorry, I have over 18 Gigs available (I'm not so good with the tech aspect, sorry!!) And yes I meant NTSC (thanks) It has been suggested to me that defraging my C drive might help that maybe even though I have space it cannot find sufficiently grouped space to save?
  5. This is I guess off topic of Roxio, but for some reason I could not save it as a movie in AVI format. It just sat there, I let it run all night and still nothing. I've saved all of my other projects in this format so I don't know why it's not working. It is 2 MB, but I have 1.87 GB available so I don't think it's a space issue. SO, I just saved it in "high quality video - (PTSC?)" and it saved fine. I'm a little nervous as to whether this will work in Roxio, I didn't have time to try this morning. If so, can I still use your instructions? Thanks for all of your help. I'm getting a little nervous as I need to have this done ASAP.
  6. I think I have 7 (It's on my home PC, I'm at work).
  7. I'm not sure what format it is. I saved it in Windows Movie Maker, but have to transfer it to Roxio to burn to DVD. I'm at work so do not have the file with me. Thanks for the suggestion!! Hopefully I can do it.
  8. I have created a photo slideshow through windows movie maker and am importing it into Roxio Easy Media Creator to burn to DVD (which I have done many times before). However, she wants the slideshow to loop/repeat automatically as it is going to stay on throughout the party. I have tried to find a function within the software but am having no luck. Is this possible? Thanks so much for any info!