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  1. tjs22655

    Custom Overlay For Videowave

    Not sure if you still need an answer, but in NXT 7, if you select one of the provided overlays, adjust its size and right click on it - you have the option of saving it as a custom overlay. Hope that helps.
  2. tjs22655

    Split Screen Video inVideoWave

    Actually, in Production Editor - Timeline, double select the Split Screen Template Creator clip in the Video track. Click on Internet Track. You can lengthen the Ovl 1 or Ovl 2 track which you want to be longer by dragging on the green dot at the end of the clip. You can play with this and figure it out.
  3. I am creating split screen in Videoware NXT 7. Is there anyway to precisely position overlays, such as input a specific start and end time for them? Thanks.
  4. tjs22655

    Split Screen Video inVideoWave

    I have the same problem. Did you ever figure it out? Thanks.
  5. I do not want credits to scroll but rather to fade in and out in a stationary position. Any ideas? Thanks.
  6. tjs22655

    Enhance audio

    DG, I am wanting to edit the audio in a video file. Does GoldWave do this? Thanks.
  7. tjs22655

    Enhance audio

    I have an MP4 video of me performing stand-up comedy at a comedy club. My voice is buried somewhat behind the room noises, audience, etc. Is there any way to enhance my voice using Video Ware or any other tool in Creator NXT 6? Thanks.
  8. I have Roxio Creator NXT 6. When trying to export to create a video file, I get "Unable to build the Render Graph." Any new solutions with NXT 6? Thanks.
  9. tjs22655

    A place for Notes?

    Nothing. Just a lot of other production apps have a place for notes - thanks.
  10. tjs22655

    A place for Notes?

    Is there a place to writes notes in NVT 6? I am thinking along the lines of: "reviewed video through 5:38" or "the next thing to do is insert pictures". Thanks.
  11. tjs22655

    Getting A 'cannot Build Render Graph' Error

    I do not see Options under Tools.
  12. tjs22655

    0Xc0000005 Error

    I have the exact same problem. Roxio has been of zero help!
  13. tjs22655

    0Xc0000005 Error

    I have just purchased Roxio Creator NXT 3. Loaded fine, but when I try to launch VideoWave or Create DVD, I get the infamous "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000005) error. I have tried every solution I could find online. I am running Windows 7, 64 bit. Any ideas. Thanks.
  14. I got down to #5 and {7B4B90...i not listed.
  15. tjs22655

    Out Of Sync Audio And Video

    I did a number of things. (My daughter got married 12/29 so I have had a lot going on - sorry). It seems to be fine now. Thanks all.