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    Missing Pictures in DVD

    I did check to make sure that I was using the current video drivers. Tried pretty much everything again last night to no avail. Problem with trying to figure this out and complete steps is that it requires long blocks of time that I can't affford until the weekends. Will try some more then.
  2. Markie Mark

    Missing Pictures in DVD

    I did that last night as a recommended fix from Roxio. Same problem exists after going though all of their steps. GrandpaBruce, I thought about doing that but was unsure how to add blank slides as the intro to the different chapters I have in the slide show. The only way I could figure out how to do that was to create them using Word, scan the slide and add it as a picture. Not the cleanest way. Besides, after all of the hoop law I was told about this product, to have to always do work arounds is annoying. thanks
  3. Markie Mark

    Missing Pictures in DVD

    Yes I did use the slideshow. I'm having difficult getting this to .avi. Am getting ready to try this whole project with Windows Movies Maker and return the Roxio product. The last couple of days I tried redoing the movie and more pictures have been dropping off. I am befuttled and as you can imagine, very frustrated.
  4. Markie Mark

    Missing Pictures in DVD

    Thanks grandpabruce. Will give it a shot. I am sooooo close to having this done and to have about 10 photos missing at the end is pretty frustrating.
  5. Markie Mark

    Missing Pictures in DVD

    To solict further input, the process I went through after creating the slideshow was to edit in video wave. I used the "disolve" transitions set at .7 sec along with my photos set at 3.5 sec, added music and added video. I reviewed the entire production before going to MyDVD and it played great. The entire production is about 40 minutes. Any insight why some photos at the end of the production would show up as black frames (obviously skipping over pictures that were in the production)?
  6. Markie Mark

    Missing Pictures in DVD

    I created a DVD using EMC9. When playing the file before using MYDVD everything plays beautifyly. After using MYDVD and producing the DVD, some pictures appear to be not recognized and appear in the DVD as a black frame like the picture was not read. Was there a possible conversion issue. Not sure I understand what I did wrong. HELP. THis is for an upcoming Anniversary Celebration.