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  1. Roxio is not recognizing my video in my real player down load folders. I am trying to get Video of the G20 Protests and cut and combine all the violent parts and adding the Imperial March theme from star wars but this useless program will not recognize the format. is there a work around, this sucks you cant do any thing I want to do this is the reason I bought this product! Good Grief!
  2. Get Real Player Plus, with the add on from IE7 or FireFox it rocks and best yet no errors, no problems, just right click screen on stream and select download
  3. LexLuthor

    My First Emc10 Productions

    Ok how do i adjust the volume of my background tracks so not to over whelm my main audio tracks in the video??
  4. LexLuthor

    Mydvd Background Issues (fix)

    I had to select the software mode in My DVD to view any productions. It simply does not work with my GtForce 8800GTS 640meg Video card
  5. This is more of a FYI, something that I have found out and thought i'd pass it along. If you are having problems viewing movies, previews etc you might want to go into Tools >Options under render in My DVD and change hardware to software. don't ask me why this software cant interface with my $600.00 video card when every other program on my computer can but it is an issue. any way I hope this saves you hours of heartache pain and frustration.
  6. LexLuthor

    My First Emc10 Productions

    Check it out my very first EMC10 Videos, Ok I am no Steven Spielberg but its a start LOL Visit My Website
  7. LexLuthor

    Video Wave Not Working

    I have done several clean installs, and finally fixed my problem this is what did it case any one else has this happen to them 1. Obtain the latest driver for your video card. Contact your computer or video card manufacturer to make sure the video card driver is up to date and it supports the latest version of Microsoft's Direct X. 2. Make sure you are running the latest version of Microsofts Direct X. You can download it here. 3. Switch Render Using in MyDVD options * Click on Start --> All Programs --> Roxio Easy Media Creator --> Home. * Under Home tab, click on Applications --> MyDVD. * In MyDVD, click on Tools -> Options. * If Render Using is Hardware, change it to Software. * Click OK. * Close and relaunch MyDVD.
  8. I finally got EMC10 Installed and no errors woot! but the first time I tried to use it it doesn't work I tried to take a 4 min video clip I took with my camcorder and was trying to fool around and see what I could do( in Video Wave) the first thing I noticed is when you press play, nothing plays on the screen, all i have is a thin horizontal line. the sound plays fine, but no video. when I press stop causes the program to go into not responding mode. whats the conflict, why am I having so many problems, I had similar issues with EMC9 but I now have a new computer and thought that maybe the problems were on my end. Can anyone get this thing working on my computer p[lease , It shouldn't take some one with programing knowledge just to run a program this is so frustrating. I have started a Roxio Documentry of the problems I am having and plan to have it posted on U tube even if i have to use the krapy editing software that came with my cam corder but at least it works.
  9. LexLuthor

    Roxio Cine Player Decoder Packs

    Delete and reinstall the software thats what I had to do but you must do a complete removal of the software or what they call as a Clean Install,took me days to finally get it but here is the link for a clean install http//kb.roxio.com/content/kb/Creator/000086CR?set-locale=en If you have EMC 9 still on your system you may want to remove it completely but i hear that others have no problems keeping it on their systems. However EMC10 is not an upgrade it is a new program and you may experience conflicts by having both. I don't know I removed mine with the above plan. basically you want to remove everything Roxio from your computer then reinstall the software also very important I had to find out the hard way disable your anti virus software. You should be prompted for your Reg number and asked to register again. the Roxio CeniPlayer decoder pack is most likely corrupted you may be able just to repair it in add remove programs. another problem I lost video streaming I don't know if I lost it from the Roixo program itself or if I tweaked the wrong thing trying to fix the problem. any way that was a registry problem caused by some program called Morgan Multimedia Stream Switcher codec. This was resolved by going through regsrv32 and unregistering mmswitch.ax don't ask me how that program gotten on my computer I haven't a clue? But i did a search on Morgan Multimedia and found out it is uses in conjunction windows media encoder 9 series.
  10. I just bought EMC10, I haven't even tried to use this product yet and having problems. I go to a web site I normally go to to watch video streams a window pops up " Please wait while windows configures Roxio Cine Player decoder packs after about a min I then get a message stating " The feature you are trying to use on a network resourses that is unavalable...Click ok to try again or enter an alternate path to a folder containing the installation package CPDP.msi???? I do not know what that is or where to find it. If i hit try again the message repeats itself if i select cancel. I get a message Firefox has stopped responding then I get thrown back to my desk top. Question 1. how do I resolve this Issue? Question 2: Why is Roxio Hijacking my INTERNET
  11. LexLuthor

    Can you make Animations wth Roxio EMC9

    wow way cool just what I was looking for thanks, is a bit pricey though may have to save and ask santa to hookme up for xmas hehe
  12. Im looking for an easy way to make bobble head anamation like I see on the web, ie cartoon body with a cut out of the head and moving mouth, I know I ill need to be able to manipulte each frame and one sec of video will take abou 12 frames per sec. so i guess ill have to be able to cut and save hands, body legs and arms and move them a little in each frame, hs an one done this, my vision is to make an anamation of my daughter's wedding cmplete with my ex-wife yelling and screeming at the groom calling him an *$$^%&! then have him dance to denis larrys skit Im an Asshoe! tis sad but shereally did call him an *$$^%&! and i thnk it would make a perfect ending to my slideshow movie hehe any suggestions on how I can accomplish this take I know it wll be a lot of cutt and pasting 12x60 = 720 frams per min and the song is about 3 mins I have it in my mind but have no clue how to turn it into a reality
  13. LexLuthor

    Xing Ringtone Maker

    I finally got my Ecm9 working woot woot, now none of my additional programs that came with it work IE Xing Ringtone maker??? I get an invalid message when I try to do any thing with it ie update, when i put my information in the startup page I crumba me cabasia , I tried repair soft ware help me .... your my only hope
  14. LexLuthor

    Adding special effects issues

    Yes I used the online suport and did a clean install, but tht was before I cleaned out my computer ill call the free suport number maybe that can walk me through somthing I havent done yet Thanks I completly removed the content portion again this time it did not lock up when I removed it, I then used the repair option restarted my computer cleaned my regestry with computer mechnic i got from downlod .com then reinstalled the content disk Good News!!! it worked when I cliked on the add content menu i get a selection to choose from now and no hanging hour glass. but it stil didnt bring upa text window but i was ale to work arround that by typing the text I wanted then edditing te text by double clicking the little butterfly in the add text slider atthe bottom of the screen then selectig scroll and choosing the trpe of scrolling I wanted. In summary I had to 1. delete all programs in add/emove that I was no longer using 2. Cleanout my regestery I used PC Mechanic Which Idwnloaded from www.download.com 3. Remove the content program with add/remove programs 4. Repair EMC9 uing the repair option on the EMC9 Program CD 5. Restart my computer 6. Reinstall EMC9 content from the Content CD I don't know if that fixed all the problems but I can now put scrolling text on my productions Finished finally whew
  15. LexLuthor

    Adding special effects issues

    I have taken my computer to the experts and this is what they told me, I had numorous Video editig programs I downloaded from the internet I was told to remove them all that they may be conflicting the software and to go to www.download.com and download a regerstry cleaner, so thats exactly what I did. Now there are only 3 Photo editing programs on my computer, the one that came with it, Adobe Photo Elements, and Roxio's Easy Media Cretor 9 , My regersty had 1200 things that needed fixing, and after all that even though the program now loads much faster I still cannot access any thing other than addphotos or add Audio from the Add content or the tools section of Video Wave. I couldn't even make credits listing all that showed up to the wedding like I wanted to. the strange thing is I was able to acess the add text selector on my first production but have not one every production since, the hanging hourglass and constant crashing has frustrated me and I refuse to pay $35.00 to have some one make this software run like it supose to inthe first place. I wish this software did what it supose to LoL maybe ust delete every thing Roxio and go with another Video edditng software