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    Hello, When I bought my Canon camrecorder DC20 I recieved the programma MYDVD LE 6.1.6 of Roxio. I have installed the programs on my computer. Now I want to transfer directly a file movie from my camrecorder to the harddisk. I use the option : DVD-Video. DVDs can store up to 3 hours of high-quality video, and more compatible with most set-top DVD-players. I change the text for my new project- no problem. I click on capture video and I receive the "capture"screen and a message: A videosignal was not detected. Verify that your video source is connected properly, powered on and set up to play. In my opion eveyting ic ok of my side, I see on my camrecorder screen PC Connected. Also, verify that correct video capture port is selected in the record settings. If I press on capture settings I cannot fill in the questions. So I cannot select a video port. You may need to press play on your camrecorder or VCR to view the vedeo. I press play on my recorder. Is there a manuel ot his programme, I prefer in Dutch. Can somebody help me?? The bold lines are the errors: Best regards from the Netherlands.