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  1. I got the same exact error message. Installing update located at http://www.roxio.com/enu/support/recordnow/software_updates.html'>http://www.roxio.com/enu/support/recordnow/software_updates.html fixed the problem for me. Best regards Don Walls
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    I have had EMC 10.0 installed from the time of its release. The only problem I have had was Roxio_Central36.Exe would remain active after exiting Central. It was necessary to kill it in the Task Manager in order to open Central again. I performed a clean install of Roxio 2009 following the procedures presented in this forum. I have now given up on 2009 due to its numerous bugs and performed a clean install of EMC 10.1. Before doing the clean install of 10.1 I uninstalled Norton 360, Version 2 because I had read on this forum that it was the cause of the Roxio_Central36.Exe continuing to run problem. After the clean install of 10.1, I rebooted with all start up programs disabled by MSConfig. Much to my surprise, I still have the problem. I am now totally convinced that Roxio_Central36.Exe is the source of this problem. My questions to this group are: 1. What is the latest Version and Release Date of Roxio_Central36.Exe? 2. Where can I get it? 3. Where can I get an older version for testing purposes? Thanks to all in advance. Don