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  1. Jim, thanks for the reply and suggestive comments. I take it there is no work-around or other fix for this current situation. Other than: If you want to use chapters, 'Don't use a 'Play All' menu button option'.
  2. Something about this problem seemed familiar. Sure enough it goes way back.. http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/25982-playback-using-menu-starts-at-wrong-chapter/ http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/25999-playfrom-chapter-x-issue/ http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/27551-emc9-problems-not-fixed-in-emc10/ I will change my projects to eliminate all chapters. I think most players have to ability to fast forward. Jim
  3. I have a MyDVD (menu) project with 4 movies and a 'Play All' button. The main menu default button is 'Play All' & play 'all movies on menu'. Three of the movies have chapters. Everything seems to work as expected when I Preview it. When I burn the project to an image file, and play it, the first item highlighted is the first movie button (not the Play All button). If I select 'Play All', all of the movies do not start at the beggining, but start at some chapter position.
  4. Using MyDVD, the button settings: Link - After Playing - (has option) 'Use Title Action' I can not find how to set the movie Title Action.
  5. challenger

    Roxio Streamer

    I was told by Roxio that to use Streamer from the Internet (not local network), the Streamer 'Client' software had to loaded on the other (non-server) computer.
  6. challenger

    Cut The Middle Out

    There are many ways of doing this. (1) One uses Markers, and can be found here: <http://img.roxio.com/enu/flash/ekb_tutorials/EKB_EMC10_EditVideo/index.html> Select "Editing and Enhancing your Memories in Video" Then select "Working with markers in Timeline view:" 3. To delete a section of your production between two markers: (2) Another way is by splitting the video: <http://saknis.net/Roxio/V8-V9.htm> Select "Cutting out a Section of Video" Jim McV
  7. challenger

    Roxio Photo Show Or Roxio Creator 2011?

    You may want to try following this simple step-by-step process: Open Roxio Creator 2011. From the Home tab, select 'Edit VIdeo - Advanced', This should open 'Roxio VideoWave' application. Choose 'Create New Production' in applicable format. {VideoWave} From menu bar, select 'File - New Slidshow' This should open 'Roxio Slideshow Assistant' app at [1] Add Photo. {Roxio Slideshow Assistant} click 'Add photos', select media images, then click 'Open'. (You may add Background Audio now, I prefer to add it in VideoWave) Click 'Next >' and you should be at [2] 'Customize your slideshow'. Here you can select 'Transistion Style', slide duration, and 'Apply Pan & Zoom to all. (I prefer Dissolve, 5 sec, and Apply Pan & Zoom to all). Click 'Finish' and you should be returned to 'Roxio VideoWave' {VideoWave} From here you may add 'Titles/Text', 'Add Background Audio', modify transistions, etc. From menu bar, select 'File - Save As', enter filename and click 'Save' (.dmsm file type) Note the location where saved. Close 'VideoWave' (Exit) {Roxio Creator 2011} from 'VIdeo'Movies' tab, select 'Create DVDs'. This should open 'Roxio MyDVD' application. {MyDVD} Select project type: '2D - DVD'. If you do not want menus, you can select from the menu bar 'File - New Project - DVD, no menus' Select the media file (the .dmsm file saved above), and click 'Open' From here you may preview your production, and then click the 'Burn' button. Most suggest that you use 'Save disc Image file' and then from 'Creator 2011' Home page, select 'Burn Disc Image' to create a DVD. I hope this helps, and as you gain experience, you will see that there are many other options available. Good Luck. (I may have missed some things, but I hope they will be obvious)
  8. challenger

    Roxio Photo Show Or Roxio Creator 2011?

    It would help if you stated your objective. I found the 'Photo Show' to be useful only for showing photos on-line at Roxio's Photo Show web site. I would recommend using 'VideoWave'. Again, state your goal, and there are those here who can help you.
  9. challenger

    Uninstall Streamer

    That is exactly what I had to do to remove Streamer. I inserted the Creator 2011 disk, and eventually got screen that allowed 'Repair' or 'Remove' 2011.
  10. challenger

    How To Install 'streamer' After Creator 2011 Installed?

    OK, from past experience, I kinda thought so. Thanks Jim
  11. How do you install 'Streamer' after you have already installed Creator 2011 Pro? When I insert disk again, I get options to 'Repair' or 'Remove' 2011 Pro.
  12. challenger

    No video in playback

    I downloaded and installed K-Lite Mega Codec (5.4.4). I don't know if I made all the right choices during installation. My .mpg files work fine now in WMP11 and most other players. (WMP indicates using ffdshow for audio and video) CinePlayer still does not show video, and I don't know how to determine which codec's it is using. There are several tools installed with the K-Lite package, but not much help on how to use them. This whole codec/filter thing has my head spinning. (I have spent too much time on this issue and have that 'Search Overload' problem. Did not try Bing) I am hoping that one of the tools will help with CinePlayer. Thanks for all your help and support. Any suggestions on resolving CinePlayer would be appreciated.
  13. challenger

    No video in playback

    I tried to play a commercial DVD and sure enough, the Video in both WMP11 and CinepPlayer were choppy. On the site you sent me to in last post, I did not like the Privacy Policy and Terms relating to Advertising. Have you used their codec package yourself, and found it to be acceptable? I have seen the mention of 'ffdshow-tryouts' in some of the search results forums. Do you know anything about the 'ffdshow-tryouts' from sourceforge.net? Are they the same codec package? I am leary of any downloads now, as I don't know what started my problem.
  14. challenger

    No video in playback

    I changed to a single monitor, logged off and back on, with no change in result (still no video). I tried deleting the Sonic modules but as soon as I clicked on a .mpg file, a CinePlayer module rebuilt them with popup message.