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  1. Thanks Gary for your recommendation on RegCleaner freeware. Wow! The Hoverdesk is so cool. Did you download and install the Hoverdesk to use? What was your experience? I am on XP-Pro Thx diglam Appreciate your 2 suggestions Paul....I will check them out Thx diglam
  2. Thank you both Paul and Jean. Everything works now after I flushed out the residuals. Your advice works! I had to perform one extra task after my manual regediting because the Roxio installer would not recognize my CD key (even though the key was validated before). I followed the steps outlined in Roxio Knowledgebase 000116CR. I was holding my breathe while waiting for the install to complete because it failed so many times previously. Alas, it completed all the component installs without a glitch. I believe the install went smoothly this time because it was due to a "good s scouring" of the residuals that the XP-Add/Remove and also my Registry Cleaner could not get rid off. Thank you Paul and Jean for your timely advice. diglam btw, do u have any recommendation for a good non-techy registry cleaner? I am currently using Registry Booster 2
  3. Thank you Paul for your confirmation. Your assurance provides me confidence to proceed. diglam Thanks Jean for providing me a secondary confirmation. I tried using the Windows Add or Remove function and it did not perform a clean uninstall. I appreciate your input. Now I can continue with a peace of mind to complete my manual removal of the residuals that Add/Remove left behind. Thank you Jean. diglam
  4. Does anyone know if it is safe to remove the folder Sonic Solutions (and also its sub-folders). Note: the Sonic Solutions folder is found in the following path HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Sonic Solutions I was following the steps outlined in Roxio Knowledgebase ID Number: 000086CR. The instructions only specified removing the following folders Sonic and Roxio. I deleted those two folder types already. However I came across the Sonic Solutions folder that the Knowledgebase-000086CR did not mention about. Is it safe to delete the Sonic Solutions (and also its sub-folders)? My goal is to remove the left over registries so I can proceed with an re-instalation of EMC9. I kept receiving error messages from my current installation that I am missing some msi. It does not find it on my Program or Content disk. This annoying message keeps returning and it cannot be cancelled. It eventually goes away after I shut down the EMC9 application. Can anyone provide me a confirmation that it is safe to delete the Sonic Solutions folder (and also its sub-folders) even though it is not mentioned in the list of folders to delete in 000086CR? Thank you. I appreciate any feedback.