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    Spin Doctor Freezing

    I also have had problems on my laptop while using SD. I believe the problem is that the new SD is very graphic intensive and the video card on the laptop cant keep up. I've got an older model imap (800mh) that doesnt have as much problem with it. Try this, it sort of works for me: - save alot using apple + s (especially when you are about to play a track after making a change) - be patient - try to edit the tracks at the lowest level of zoom (it's that graphic zooming that slows the system down)
  2. lschulze

    Spin Doctor 3.1s and Firewire Solo

    Actually it does an OK job of supporting firewire. The problem is in the settings for the M-Audio Solo. Get the most current copy of the driver from the Avid web site (1.8.1). Using the Solo's interface (easist way to get to it is from the preferences window) click the hardware tab and then click the "show Solo's stereo pair's as devices. After that you can now select the "FireWire Solo Analog 1/2" device from the input settings in SD and start RIPing stuff.
  3. lschulze

    Cd Spin Doctor And Soundsoap

    I'm in blogs sphere now, talking to myself! Sigh, I thought I was going to get some resolution from this. Deep Sea Support (SD3) contacted me based upon the previous posts. According to him it was a "Sound Soap" problem but one that they could deal with in SD3. He asked if I would like to try it out, I'm still waiting. I feel like the guy that is in charge of the Vista release for Microsoft. In another vein while dealing with all this the support from SS2 suggested that I look at PEAK LE. Humm, a product that works and has support (I don't know it might be too wierd having a program that actually has support from some one. (I checked with Roxio on my support problem, still open since 2/12/06, high speed support system!! With all my problems trying to get SD3 to input from the M-Audio Solo and being able to edit the file after it is captured using SS2, maybe I need to look at a "real" product not one that Roxio trys to foist on people trying to sell something (Toast) that really is already in the Mac system (Itunes). I will think about it while I use SD1 to input the audio then SD3 to label and output the cuts. TT4N
  4. lschulze

    Cd Spin Doctor And Soundsoap

    I have a problem with your portrayal of this problem as laying with SS2. If i create an aiff file and have both ss2 and sd3 read and save the file (each with a seperate copy of the file) the files can then be played using quicktime. if however I take the ss2 file and have sd3 "read it", sd3 instead of creating a waveform returns to it's default and responses with a request to create a new file. It does however change the input file leaving it corrupt. I have checked this using the quicktime. the diff program confirms that the file has been changed. if i reverse the test and have ss2 open an sd3 file the file remains viable ps: i tried to use the ft - it didnt work pps: you said nothing about my problem with firewire input. as i sit and write this i am using sd1 to input firewire from a maudio solo. ppps: if the program will not handle vst why not au?
  5. lschulze

    Cd Spin Doctor And Soundsoap

    The frustrating thing about all this is that the documentation says it ought to work. I cannot find a better product for naming and extracting tracks from a aiff file and the SD3 is even better than previous generations. Sigh I just wish that Roxio would support their product. On that note I sent the corrupted files to Bias (SS2) and received a response in ..get this.. one day! the tech said that the problem is that SD3 is evidently removing the header info when it opens it. Since the program quits I'm left with a corrupt file. So Spin doctor 3 won't accept input from firewire or other programs. not their best effort. I am going to find a site outside of Roxio so that I can air my grips to the world this one is closed to google etc. I will post here if anything new (good or bad) comes up!
  6. lschulze

    Cd Spin Doctor And Soundsoap

    I did some more research and found that according to Deep Sea Software all problems are to be directed to Roxio. In addition the knowledge base indicates that VST's are supported. I'm also having problems with connecting an M-Audio Solo to SD. Roxio's support pages indicate that it to is supported (it's not). So I go back to my original premise that Roxio is happy to take the money but does not provide service. 1. Knowledge base indicates everything should work 2. Roxann runs around in circles 3. Self service web support is very very slow 4. online chat is too busy to "chat" and times out after 5 minutes so I cant just wait it out to get an answer. 5. there is no other way to get to Roxio to get help on something that should according to Roxio's documentation, work. (whew, sorry to vent) i wish i felt better but i am stuck with a product Toast 7/SD that does not live up to it's hipe or documentation. I'm back to input using SD1.x then SoundSoap2, then SD1.x to label tracks perhaps I can go from SD1.x to SD3 since SD3 does a better job of track definition.
  7. lschulze

    Cd Spin Doctor And Soundsoap

    A little curt don't you think? Why take away something that worked with an earlier version? 1.5 could do it why not continue to support input devices. (CompUSA is carrying the Solo and other M-Audio products). In addition why does SD3 not want to recognize a file that SS2 writes, (note that Toast does recognize it) and in fact destroys the file when it opens it? In addition your statement makes it sound as if SS2 did something wrong by creating a UI for it's plug in. Cubase doesn't seem to mind either the Solo or SS2. In fact going back to #1 Garage Band excepts input from the Solo oh and by the way it accepts audio plug-ins. It just appears that Roxio is putting out something so that they can say they do but not spend any money developing the product.
  8. lschulze

    Cd Spin Doctor And Soundsoap

    I just got an email from bias (the sound soap people) and they say that SoundSoap 2 is Mach-O compliant. in addition the Roxio support site says "CD Spin Doctor 2 does work with VST plug-ins that are Mach-O compliant. CD Spin Doctor 2 comes with 2 included plug-ins for noise reduction and sound enhancement. CD Spin Doctor 2 is also a VST host, and you can add your own Mach-O based VST plug-ins that can be hosted." roxio support article ID Number: ET6000003 Just to complete my whining and complaining SD 1 worked with SS 2 and to make matters worse SD 1 also worked with M-Audio's Solo firewire input. If I want to use SD 3 (easy to parse tracks) I must digitize it with something (Cubase and SS 2) then load it into SD3 (or maybe Toast first). Hows that for a easy to use workflow? The whole thing makes me angry. SD 1 sort of worked with stuff but not very good. Now a much better SD 3 (cleaner interface, more features etc) doesn't work with anything. Comeon Roxio get your act together.
  9. lschulze

    Cd Spin Doctor And Soundsoap

    I wish that I had seen this post earlier. I bought Toast 7 for new features in it and SD. I use SS2 to remove hum and other noises that SD doesnt get at. I got excited when I saw that SD could use VST's. Anyway I have the same problem and NEED to use SS2 so I'm glad to find out about pulling it into Toast so that I can go back and rename the tracks. Thanks guys for the info.