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    Mpeg-2 Codec & Activation Problem

    To myguggi: I am referring to the Roxio project files - .dmsm and .dmsd. To Brendon: Given my recent experience after reinstalling EMC 9, I will be burning all the Roxio projects to .iso files as a precaution - if I can repair EMC 9.
  2. andrewwalton

    Mpeg-2 Codec & Activation Problem

    I do realize that it is a very old version. I am hoping (maybe unrealistically) that I can somehow migrate some EMC 9 projects to a format - .iso, .mpg, Creator 20xx, etc. - that I can use to burn discs in the future. Without an operating EMC 9, I am faced with re-creating the EMC 9 projects from scratch in Creator 20xx, Adobe Premier/CS, etc. If EMC 9 can not be repaired, can the Creator 20xx versions process the EMC 9 Videowave and/or MyDVD projects?
  3. andrewwalton

    Mpeg-2 Codec & Activation Problem

    The hard drive on my computer crashed and I had to reinstall all the software. I installed the operating software (Windows Vista Home Premium, IE 9, Norton, etc.) first. I have applied all the updates to the operating software and the current drivers. Then I installed EMC 9 (installation discs purchased from Roxio) and applied RoxioEMCSuitev9.1Updater_1Z26QZS0RU3.exe. When I try to open MyDVD or Videowave projects that were created with EMC 9 before the HDD crash, the MPEG-2 codec message is displayed. I have attached a pdf with screen shots of the environment, the steps I followed and the results. Can EMC 9 be repaired? From other posts it appears that EMC 9 Videowave & MyDVD projects are not forward compatible to Creator 20xx versions. Is that correct? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. RoxioEMC9Activation.pdf
  4. andrewwalton

    Image Capture

    All images are skewed and B-W regardless of the format - JPG, BMP, etc. I am able to capture JPG's on my WindowsXP system. Images that I capture on my Vista computer are bad. I have updated the Vista EMC9 with Roxio's Easy Media Creator 9.1 update.
  5. andrewwalton

    Image Capture

    In the past, I have successfully captured JPG images from my MPG files. Now, the captured image is distored (skewed right or left) and in black/white. I have tried capturing the JPG image using EMC9 videowave and media manager. Any suggestions?
  6. andrewwalton

    Menu Plays; Movie Does Not

    I have burned a DVD using a videowave 16:9 production. I also created a videowave 16:9 production as the DVD's menu. The video plays fine on 1 DVD - late model Sony; but does not pay on a 10 year old Panasonic. When I attempt to play the DVD on the older player, the menu plays fine. When the movie starts, the video is static and the audio is not good (but detectable). What would cause the DVD to play on one player, but not the older? Are there any MyDVD or Videowave settings that will overcome the problem? I am using EMC9.
  7. andrewwalton

    Help Does Not Work

    The Help has stopped working. When I click on the Help (or hit F1) for any part of EMC9, nothing happens. I have uninstalled the entire suite and reinstalled, but no luck. What other options should I try to get the Help feature working again?
  8. andrewwalton

    EMC9 Retrieve

    I have created several data backup DVD's using EMC7 Creator Classic. The backup spans several DVD's - the largest is 6 DVD's. EMC9 Retrieve invariably encounters an error for one of the files in the folder when I attempt to restore the data by selecting folder. When I restore the files individually, the restore completes successfully. What can I do to restore all files in a folder?