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  1. Well.. if your JPG's were created with a digital camera or other device that put EXIF information in, you can use Exifer http://www.friedemann-schmidt.com/software/exifer/ to redate your files based on the date stored in the EXIF information. Irfanview can also redate files based on the Exif date. I think there's a Exif plugin you have to install though. Hope that helps for some of it. When I installed EMC 8 Deluxe.. I told it not to install Media Manager since I learned my lesson previously.. :/ Mark H.
  2. mrheadrick

    Command line for disc image loader?

    Hello, Was wondering if there was a command line interface for the Disc Image Loader or some dos command to load a ISO file into the virtual drive? Essentially the command line version of what happens when you right-click on an ISO file, select Load and then the drive letter. Thanks, Mark H.
  3. mrheadrick

    How to remove Edit Tag from Context Menu?

    I solved it. I got to thinking that it might be some global context menu handler that roxio uses. I found the following registry key: \\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers\RXDCExtSvr After backing up and removing this key.. the Edit Tag context menu item is gone and the PsPad pencil Icon is back next to PsPad where it belongs. Case closed
  4. mrheadrick

    How to remove Edit Tag from Context Menu?

    No problem really related to this... it's just more of personal annoyance, pet peeve kinda thing. There's probably some setting in some Roxio application to turn the context menu stuff off, but I haven't found it yet. Now, MyDVD 8 Deluxe really had a problem working with a project I created with MyDVD 8 regular. Program would crash with a error report dialog everytime I tried to edit the chapters of a movie. I was able to re-create the project from scratch and was able to make chapters within the same movie and could go back and edit them fine. I might do a file comparision between the two project files and see what's different.. weird that it should be that much of difference to cause the software to crash... but that is the main application that got changed between EMC 8 and EMC 8 Deluxe. Mark H.
  5. mrheadrick

    How to remove Edit Tag from Context Menu?

    RxTagEdit8.exe is the process that runs. It is located in C:\Program Files\Roxio\EMC8\AudioMaster. The interface looks like: I did have the normal Roxio EMC8 installed previously, but I uninstalled it before installing this version. I might uninstall the software again and then hunt down the Roxio, Sonic, and Shared Folders and delete all of it.. then hunt down RxTagEdit8.exe in the registry and get rid of all those keys if they still exist. Even so, there should be an entry in the registry to get rid of it.. LOL.. I found the Pspad, Winamp, and Media Player ones. Mark H.
  6. I installed EMC 8 Deluxe last night (did not install Drag to Disc or the Media Manager) and during the install I made sure I only associated the Roxio project files.. no audio or video file types were associated. Anyway, when I right-click on .WAV and .MP3 files in Windows Explorer, the very top item in bold is "Edit Tag" which launches the Roxio Audio Tag application (RxTagEdit8.exe). How to I remove this entry? I looked in the registry in HKCR/*/Shellx and HKCR/.mp3/Shell and HKCR/Winamp.file/Shell and could not find anything. Example is seen here: What's interesting is that it has the Icon for Pspad next to it. If I remove Pspad from the context menu, the icon does not show up. Everywhere else the icon shows next to Pspad correctly. It's only where Edit Tag is on the context menu that this happens. Anyway, I have other tagging software I use so I don't need/want edit tag to be there. Thanks, Mark H.
  7. mrheadrick

    Can't launch The Roxio Home page

    One other thing, is Windows Installer 3.1 listed in Add/Remove programs? If not, you might try installing it. It can be found here: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...&displaylang=en Windows Update should have already installed it, however. Mark H.
  8. mrheadrick

    Update to Premium for 19.99?

    There's a link in the press release which goes to: http://www.roxio.com/en/products/emc/deluxesuite/index.jhtml Hmmmm.... Not sure if the $19.99 upgrade price is still valid though. Doesn't appear to be when adding it to the shopping cart. Well, I found the following thread: http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?showtopic=4500 Apparently it's still in the works...
  9. Thought I would add this. I had the same thing happen to me (argh). Since many of my JPGs were pictures taken with a Digital Camera, they had the internal EXIF dates that were still the original date. I used a program called Exifer to redate all the files based on the EXIF date. You can get the program here: http://www.exifer.friedemann.info/ There are probably other graphics programs that can do a similar thing. Mark H.
  10. I have EMC 8.0 installed currently and wondered if I can install only the Label Creator from EMC 7.5 as well. EMC 8.0's Label Creator... has issues. What about only installing the Label Creator from Version 6.0? Each version behaves differently and each one seems to do one thing or another better than the other. I wonder if there's a better Label Maker out there. Using Media Face II now. Tried the newer version of Media Face and it's worse LOL. Thanks, Mark H.