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  1. When I try to burn a slide show and movie to a DVD I get sound, but no picture. I am using Memorex DVD+R DVDs and maybe this is the problem since the burn properties page shows the "DL Target Media" as "-R DL". I can't figure out how to change the setting to "+R". My wife bought me a spindle of 50 DVD I can't take back so I'd really like to see if I can fix this without buying different DVDs!!! Help!! I have a Dell Inspiron 530 running Windows Home Vista Premium (SP2). My drive is a TSSTcorp DVD+-RW TS-H653F ATA DEVICE. I am using MyDVD in Easy Media Creator 9 (Build 910B75K ENU).
  2. Chadbert

    Can't get video when I burn a DVD

    I burned a folder set and then copied it to a DVD and it played fine. It's a little cumbersome but I'm not a pro and only do a few slideshows now and then. This work around will get me down the road. Thanks again.
  3. Chadbert

    Can't get video when I burn a DVD

    Thank you , thank you!!! That worked!!!