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  1. ...or does it only make music CDs (.cda, .mp3, .wma)?
  2. bulldog17

    Does RecordNow 9 Music Lab Make Data CDs?

    ATTENTION - To anyone reading this topic: According to Roxio's Inside Sales Department (1 866 280 7694), RecordNow 9 does not make data CDs. It only makes music CDs. The only Roxio or Sonic product that makes data CDs is Creator Classic, which is only available in the suite (Easy Media Creator.)
  3. bulldog17

    Does RecordNow 9 Music Lab Make Data CDs?

    My question is about RecordNow 9 Music Lab.
  4. If possible, how can I transfer the messages on my telephone answering machine to my computer? The only output my telephone answering machine has is a standard RJ-11 connector. 'Easy Audio Capture' can accept audio from a TAD, but what that really means is an internal voice modem. I have a typical external phone answering machine. Perhaps there is a type of cable that has an RJ-11 connector on one end and an audio jack on the other? That way I can connect my answering machine directly to my sound card.
  5. bulldog17

    Saving Messages From a Telephone Answering Machine

    Thanks to both of you. I haven't been in telecommunications for 35 seconds, as you can tell... Unfortunately, my device is all digital. Perhaps if I was really good at electronics I could work out how to get the messages directly from the memory, but no luck there. So I guess what's left is to record the messages with a microphone next to the machine's speaker. That might not be so bad, since the voice quality isn't good to begin with.
  6. bulldog17

    Audio Tag Editor

    I ripped a commercial CD that I own to my computer, then tried to edit the tags with Audio Tag Editor. None of my changes were saved - the original tags are still there. Why weren't my changes saved?
  7. bulldog17

    Audio Tag Editor

    Hi - thanks for replying. According to the songs' Properties (right-click, select Properties) they aren't protected. I am able to change the tags in Properties. (The changes are saved, and the changed tags display correctly in Audio Tag Editor.) Which leads me to ask the rhetorical question: If the Audio Tag Editor can't edit tags on non-protected content...why use it? Have a happy and healthy new year.
  8. According to the news release on Roxio's web site: "A software-only upgrade [to Deluxe Suite] for Roxio registered customers will be available via online download in April for $19.95." Can anyone can supply a link to this upgrade? And when the news releases refers to "software-only", does that mean the Dazzle DVC90 Video Capture Device is not included? Bulldog
  9. I do not have any UPnP devices attached to my computer nor anywhere else in my house. Can I safely disable the RoxUpnpServer and the RoxUpnp Renderer services? At the very least, can I safely deny these processes access to the internet? Would you kindly explain precisely what these two processes do? Many thanks for your help!
  10. bulldog17

    RoxUpnpServer and RoxUpnpRenderer

    Many thanks for your advice. Why would you want to use them, i.e., which component(s) of the Roxio suite use these services? It's not that I'm seeking to pare my running services to the minimum...I just remember the brouhaha when XP was introduced about potential security concerns with UPnP. P.S. Your granddaughters are cute.
  11. bulldog17

    Still No Upgrade to Deluxe Suite

    Well then...seeing as it's the middle of April and no upgrade as promised...and $30 for the extra software features only is no bargain, anyway...and with the bitter taste of Roxio's last upgrade offer [7 to 7.5] still in my mouth...I think I'll take a pass on this 'upgrade'. I'm happy enough with EMC 8 Suite -- Roxio's best, in my opinion -- so I can wait for Deluxe Suite to be discounted at the big boxes. Bulldog
  12. I'll try to be brief. I want to transfer my wedding video from VHS to DVD. I can do the analog-to-digital conversion with my digital camcorder. My questions have to do with burning the DVD (using DVD Builder, natch.) My goal is to achieve the best possible image quality. Here goes: 1. Will I achieve the best possible image quality by burning straight to DVD with Plug & Burn? Going with Plug & Burn means I have to accept whatever menus DVD Builder assigns. I would prefer to create my own menus first and then burn to DVD, but not if doing so will affect the image quality of the final result. 2. Will editing the video (with VideoWave) adversely affect the image quality? Let's say I was to get ambitious and capture the video to my hard disk, do a little video editing, create the menus and then burn the project to DVD. I understand that format conversions, image editing and multiple 'save-ing' can reduce the quality of the video image. To achieve the best image quality, should I just leave the video the way it is? Many thanks for helping out this obvious video-newbie. Bulldog
  13. I decided to edit the video first, so I used my Sony digital video camera to capture the video from my VHS player. This, of course, captured in DV format, which was transferred, via Firewire, to my computer - which took forever - and edited with VideoWave. Then it was on to DVD Builder and ultimately a DVD burned in MPEG-2 format. The quality of the DVD matched that of the original VHS tape, so I consider my project a success. Had I wanted to burn a DVD straight from the VHS tape, I would have hired someone with an analog capture box to capture the video directly to MPEG-2 format. I should point out that although many DV cameras can capture video, this is not really what they were designed to do. I would have achieved a better (higher quality) capture with a proper analog capture box. However, VHS images are only so good to begin with - and the tape was 9 years old - so my DV camera was probably good enough. Different brands or models of DV camera might do a better or worse job at capturing. Bulldog
  14. Well...if anyone is still out there...I have learned soo much about video editing and video formats since my last post. I understand the whole subject much better now. The web is truly a remarkable resource. I've also since upgraded to EMC 8. I really like the new interface and the additional features. In a very small nutshell: For the very best quality when creating a DVD straight from VHS, the way to go is with a separate capture device that will capture directly to MPEG-2. This gets passed through DVD Builder to a disk image, from which the final DVD is burned. To edit the video before creating the DVD, capture the video to DV format, which is best for editing. You always want to edit from the highest quality source. After editing, the finished DV file gets passed to DVD Builder and proceeds as above. Although this involves two encodings (to DV and later to MPEG) the results are still of very high quality. Thanks again to everyone who responded. Glad I could (finally) contribute something. Bulldog
  15. Aha...as I suspected / feared: There is no simple answer. I think the thing for me to do now is to take all your advice and burn a few clips under different circumstances. Had to get my feet wet sooner or later! Again my thanks to you all for your help. Bulldog
  16. Thank you for all that information. If I may bother you with one last set of questions: This is confusing to me. I have read that capturing in one format (.avi) and then converting to another format (mpeg-2) can degrade the image quality. I have also read that DV format is best for capturing video if you're planning to edit it, as it is "easier to work with", whatever that means. What's your opinion on converting formats and DV format vs. avi? I presume you recommend this to help avoid disc write errors and/or the inconvenience of starting over again should there be a problem with my DVD burner. If I was to say 'to heck with editing' and just capture to an image file and burn to DVD, would I then be capturing in mpeg-2 format? Many thanks, Bulldog