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    No Burning Device Was Found (Mac)

    It sounds like a disc might possibly be stuck in the drive. Have you tried to hold down the the front end of the mouse while the system is rebooting?
  2. benndogg

    Converting to Ipod

    To convert projects you will need either Toast 9 Titanium or Toast 10 Titanium. Toast 9 Basic does not support this feature.
  3. benndogg

    Updating Toast to 9.0.7

    Toast 9.0.6 is the latest version, we'll be resolving the toast update to 9.0.7 issue by the end of the day. Thanks!
  4. benndogg

    Spin Doctor Crashes When Applying Filters

    Could you add a little more information about how your system is setup and tell us what CDSD version you have? What system and OS are you running? How do you have your Lp device connected? Are you selecting a CD or DVD quality? This will help us to diagnose your problem a bit easier. .
  5. Try quitting Toast and delete the Toast preferences (com.roxio.Toast.plist) located in the Root and User Library /Preferences folder. It's very possible that the Toast preferences have somehow become corrupted. You may also want to try emptying the "Roxio Converted items" folder located in the Toast preferences under the "Storage" tab. This issue has not been reproducible by Roxio QA.
  6. benndogg

    Choosing A Dual Layer Break Point

    Manually setting the split point on a dual layer disc is not a function of Toast. The split point is created automatically within Toast.
  7. benndogg

    Toast 10

    If you simply want to transfer your non protected DVD to watch on the Apple DVD player follow these steps. -mount your non protected DVD -choose the Copy tab and then select Disc Copy (you'll see your disc name in the "Read from" drop down menu) -click on the "Save as Disc Image" button located to the left of the Red record button )opening the saved disc image will allow playback with the Apple DVD player. If you want to convert your non protected DVD to a format to play back on hand held device such as ipod or iphone then follow these steps. -mount your non protected DVD -choose the Convert tab and select "Video_TS Folders" -drag the mounted non protected DVD into the "Video_TS Folders" project window -click the red button -(next window) select the Device you wish to convert and save a location to save the file -click the Convert button
  8. benndogg

    -couldn't Set Up The Track For Writing- Toast 10 Brd-re

    If you're running Toast 10 on OS 10.4 it's very likely that you may run into several issues being that Toast 10 states support for OS 10.5 on a PPC G5 or intel based system. Your issue may not be addressed for this reason alone. I have no problem burning HD mpeg2 files to DVD or Blu-ray with the BD LG drives i have.
  9. benndogg

    Streamer Doesn't See Any Imported Video Files!

    In toast the standard iphone resolution is 480x360 and the custom setting is 640x480 by default. From the Streamer app i choose Add Video from the File menu which launches toast to Export the said iphone video resolution video successfully. From Toast i choose the Convert format and select Streamer from the Player Setup devices list. The end result is that i am able to see and play the videos in the iphone browser. I don't seem to be able to replicate your issue. How exactly are you importing your files into Streamer if other than the two ways i've mentioned? What is the file type and size of your video? As for using your old preferable URL names attempt to register the name you want. If the name fails to register streamer will offer that name with an appended character (usually a number at the end of the name). example -NAME is not available would you like to try NAME0.
  10. benndogg

    Streamer Doesn't See Any Imported Video Files!

    1) The Streamer isn't seeing any of the video files that are imported into it, not even from its local window {MY PRIMARY CONCERN} It's very likely that your video files are being sent to the previous saved location which is why you are not seeing them. Toast doesn't seem to always recognize the streamer changes until it has been quit and restarted. In toast when you choose to convert to the streamer format, just under the "Save To" menu you will see the Streamer video folder location. Make sure that streamer and toast share the same folder location. If you have changed your folder from the default location in the Documents folder point back to it and you should see your videos. 2) I can't continue to use any preceding usernames for my personal URL that I just created a couple of days ago. If your streamer preferences have been cleaned out then you will have to create a new user name. Changing the user name will not affect your video files (unless you have changed the location of your streamer videos folder).
  11. benndogg

    Error Result Code = -35 Using Toast 10.0.1

    Have you tried deleting your Toast preferences? I was receiving the error -35 when creating a Hybrid disc and found that ridding of my Toast preferences solved the error issue. I'm assuming you are using Toast 10.0.1 as i was not able to get the error to occur in Toast 10.0. Unfortunately adding backgrounds in ISO format is not supported. As an option what you could do is create the project in the Mac Only format. Clicking the "More" button under "Options" will allow you to add backgrounds and set a window view. On completion save the project as a Disc Image to the desktop. The last file which you are adding to your project can be saved as a Disc Image in ISO format. From the Copy format select "Disc Image Merge". Select the two created Disc Images to their supported format just as you would in "Custom Hybrid" and burn this to your media.
  12. benndogg

    How Do I Add A File To An Image?

    Launch Toast and select the "Image File" format from the "Copy" tab. Choose the created .toast image file by clicking the "Select" button or by double clicking the .toast file. Once the file is selected (a summary will display once the image is recognized) click the "Mount" button located next to the "Select" button. The disc image should now be mounted to the desktop. Select the "Data" tab, toast offers several data formats to choose from (ISO, MAC/PC, etc). Once the data option is chosen drag the mounted disc from the toast image into the project window. All of the content from the disc will added to the project window. This is where you would then add or delete files, in your case you want to add a file, so simply add the file to the project window. Toast will allow you to create a new disc image by selecting "Save as Disc Image" from the File "menu" or selecting the "Save as Disc Image" button located next to the Red recording button. Instead of changing the extension on the image file, following the mentioned steps will create an ISO image file if "ISO" is chosen from the "Data" format.
  13. benndogg

    Toast 10 Will Not Burn Double Layer Disc

    Interesting, Verbatim is a nice brand of media. Would you give a little information as to what drive you have installed in your system along with the firmware information you can obtain in toast from the Recorder settings located in the Recorder menu? I can burn to Verbatim DVD+R-DL media with no problem.
  14. benndogg

    Error -5000 "i Don't Have Permissions?"

    herov -I have tried to reproduce the -5000 error with what few fcp files i have. Burning has been successful on each attempt. Other than what's been mentioned by tsantee trying a different brand of media may be more compliant for your drive. I find "Verbatim" to be very good media. Did you have any success attempting to convert the file to DV or any other QT format within Toast? If this doesn't address your problem would you be willing to send a sample of your file for Roxio QA to further assist you?
  15. benndogg

    Upc Code Problem

    Are you saving your project as a disc image prior to closing toast? How are you opening the file to view the UPC data? I have been able to add a UPC code to singe files as well as burn them to a CD in Toast 10 with no problem. If you have a legit audio disc image containing the UPC code, launch the saved disc image and drag the tracks (tracks you added UPC to) into the toast Audio CD format. Double click the audio file to get the track information. If the UPC information is saved correctly it will show in the ISRC field under the Mastering column. If this does not work out for you would you please add more detailed information of your steps?