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    Converting Hd Movie To Blu-Ray

    Thanks Brendon, I wonder how old movies that were filmed (15 years ago) are converted now to blu-ray format/disks. Do they use some magical software? cursios how they do it. Also can you recommend a good video-camera? when purchaing a video-camera what specification should I be looking at? what is important to look at? Thanks,
  2. Hello I have a HD home made video that I created using Roxio couple of years ago. I noticed using Roxio Creator 2012 Pro - Roxio Video Copy & Convert > Convert Video> (inport the movie into Source section) there is an option to convert video to Blu-ray. Before purchaing Blu-ray DVD burner & blu-ray disks, I wanted to validate if converting the existing disk into Blu-ray will actually convert the source and will look like a blu-ray movie? or Do I need to film origianlly using blu-ray format or some other format and have a specific videocam (if something like this exists) or filming using regualr HD video and then converting to blu-ray is enough? Will the quality of the movie be different? Thanks for reading.
  3. stan01

    Videowave Video Ques

    Thanks, if you know, could you recommend a good software to do that?
  4. stan01

    Videowave Video Ques

    Hi, I imported a clip to the videowave (using 2010 pro). Is there away to set the clip to play from the ending to the beginning? In reverse order. ie. I have a drawing that I recorded and I want to play it from the ending to beginning... Thank you, S
  5. stan01

    Burning Iso To Dvd

    I used Roxio 10. Previous version. The iso file is on my HD and it's for the DVD. Home made video. Where is "Roxio's Creator Classic Program to burn the disk image (DVD)"? Steve, I tried copying using Copy and Convert method but after I choose the iso file (from) and insert the disk. The green arrow button doesn't light up and can't click on it. When I go to options -> Burn Setup it shows E:... - 1.05 'Medium not present-Unit not ready. (Insert Disk). Disks I am using either Verbatim dvd-r or Memorex dvd+r Thanks
  6. stan01

    Burning Iso To Dvd

    Hi I am using Roxio Creator 2010 Pro. I have created the iso file with my old version of roxio about a yr ago. I want to burn the iso file to DVD disk. The iso file is about 5GB. When I go to Burn Disk Image (at Data/Copy tab) and insert blank disk. It shows an error: 'please insert a blank or rewritable disk into DVD drive' I tried with multiple blank disks and still get this error message. Is there a different way to burn iso files? I don't recall having this problem with old version of roxio creator. Thank you.
  7. stan01

    iso with "Video Copy & Convert"

    Hi All, Here is what I did. (did it many times) The movie is 115mins, created in videoWave. Then went to My DvD -> Clicked Burn (Burn Project) -> Selected disk Image file (-R DL) Once burned, cannot burn ISO file to a disk cause it is 5GB... Please advice, Thank you, Happy New year,
  8. HI I burned the movie to an ISO file but the ISO file is 5GB and when I try to burn the ISO file to DVD disk using "Video Copy & Convert", it doesnt allow me cause the file is too big. I always burn my home made movies like that. Is there away to compress and burn the ISO file to a disk? Thanks,
  9. stan01

    VideoWave Ques

    Hi, Was woundering if I could do below things with VideoWave or other tools comes with Roxio. 1. When editing the video, I know I can make scenes black/white. But is it possible to make specific item black/white and not the full picture. Or have the entire scene black/white and have some item in that scene be orginal color. 2. Have a scene slowly fading away and at the same time another scene starts.. so for 10 secs you have 2 parts ... while the first one is slowly disappears. I hope it makes sense what I am trying to do/learn. Please provide me with example, video so I could try it on my video. Thank you
  10. stan01

    Roxio MyDVD 10 Burn Project

    Thank you for the answers for your help.
  11. Hi, I am burning my video to an Image file (iso), It has a Target Media option "-R DL and +R DL" Could someone please explain me the difference and which one is recommended for burning videos. Thank you, Stan
  12. stan01

    What DVD brand is good to buy

    Thank you all!!!
  13. Hi I am burning home videos / data to my DVDs using EMC 10. Was wondering what brand of DVD's is good to use for burning movies\data. There are so many on the market... Now Memorex DVD-R is on sale. Is it a good brand? Also is there a difference between DVD-R or DVD+R? Thank you, Stan
  14. stan01

    movie not clear after burn on dvd

    Thank your your help, I tried agian by buring to ISO file and then to the disk. and it worked as a charm. Any ideas why it didn't work in one step? Could you also tell us what setting you are using when you burn the DVD? --Wha do you mean at the Burn Project Option? if yes, I used 4X speed Also check your render setting under Tools/Options. If set to hardware try software or vice versa. --Was Hardware, tried software option.. whats the diff? do you know? From what camera (photo, digital or analog camcorder) are you capturing? How is the camera connected, USB or Firewire? To what format are you capturing? --Used digical camcorder, avi format, used firewire connector.
  15. HI, I used Capture Video to copy the video from my camera and then used VideoWave to edit. Once I was done I burn using MyDVD. When I burned the movie and play it., full movie is shaking and it is disturbing.. the original is fine and is clear, but the edit one is not.. why the movie is not playing clear as the original? I hope it makes sense what is happening to my edit movie. used: DVD+R 8Speed (used 4X) Please advice, Thank you