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    I've solved my problem ...

    Yeah, actually Handbrake didn't work for me (no audio), but VisualHub is the money shot.
  2. cbass

    I've solved my problem ...

    Hi, Regarding my last post, I have a great tip for those folks having all the frustrating problems with Crunch like I have (not working with the latest Quicktime release, etc.). Buy a copy of VisualHub! It's a fantastic piece of software. I've already put two movies on my Apple TV using VisualHub, and it works like a charm!! Buy-buy, Crunch; hello VisualHub!!
  3. cbass

    Very poor picture quality

    I'm still having problems. I used "custom" and increased the bitrate to 3000. The picture looks great, but it now appears very "choppy," almost like it pauses for a millisecond is the best way to describe it. I'm wondering if I should just switch to VisualHub ...
  4. cbass

    Very poor picture quality

    Thanks. But what do I adjust the bitrate to?
  5. cbass

    Very poor picture quality

    I've been using Mac the Ripper to download DVDs, and then I've been using Crunch to put the files onto Apple TV. For some reason, the last couple of movies appear very blurry on Apple TV after using Crunch. This did not happen the first five or six times I used Mac the Ripper/Crunch. Is there a setting I need to adjust? I think I saw this topic elsewhere, but I really couldn't find an answer. How is this fixed? Thanks.