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    Sonic DVD for Photo Story 3

    So I got it working if anyone's interested. Upgraded XP to Vista (in my case, Vista Ultimate), repaired the install of the DVD for Photostory software, and presto - it sees the DVD drive now!
  2. alalli

    Sonic DVD for Photo Story 3

    Updated Boot Camp, still no luck - Sonic doesn't find the burner! It's not like this was a free program - where is the support staff from Roxio with an update that will address this?
  3. Hi, I'm running Boot Camp on my Mac Pro to run Windows XP. One of the reasons is so I can run Photo Story 3 which we use regularly for building slide shows to music. However, I am unable to get the Sonic DVD plug-in to recognize the DVD burner in the Mac Pro. Other Windows software see and can use the burner without issue. Is there a driver update for the Sonic DVD plug-in that will correct this? Tony