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  1. Hi, I'm running Boot Camp on my Mac Pro to run Windows XP. One of the reasons is so I can run Photo Story 3 which we use regularly for building slide shows to music. However, I am unable to get the Sonic DVD plug-in to recognize the DVD burner in the Mac Pro. Other Windows software see and can use the burner without issue. Is there a driver update for the Sonic DVD plug-in that will correct this? Tony
  2. alalli

    Sonic DVD for Photo Story 3

    So I got it working if anyone's interested. Upgraded XP to Vista (in my case, Vista Ultimate), repaired the install of the DVD for Photostory software, and presto - it sees the DVD drive now!
  3. alalli

    Sonic DVD for Photo Story 3

    Updated Boot Camp, still no luck - Sonic doesn't find the burner! It's not like this was a free program - where is the support staff from Roxio with an update that will address this?