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  1. Hi Brendon and Patrick You are both "top men" ! The help you gave me on this is very much appreciated and I look forward to working with the "Community" in the future. As a "Community" you certainly lived up to the word in its true sense and sorted out my difficulty. Regards. David
  2. Hi Brendon You were absolutely right concerning sending a PM to Patrick. Here is the message I have been getting for about the last 6 days in continually trying to send a PM a number of times each day concerning my email address diffculty. "This message can not be sent because the recipient has their personal messenger disabled or their personal messenger inbox is full." So I will give up now and just post questions with this login and hope for the best with regard to "spam". Thought I would let you know though and indicate to others who might be thinking of sending a PM to Patrick. Judging from my own experiences it will be hard to achieve. Kind regards. David
  3. Most kind Lynn. No - I meant what I said about not paying to correct this situation. But appreciate your help. Most likely anyway whilst I was paying this is it £1 per minute on the phone there would be further contacts possibly to USA or wherever to put it right. Time time time..... If I can't get the PM earlier referred to then I will just forget it. As you observed perhaps the damage may already be done. The problem bottom line originates because of the way in which in my case anyway, my login-id was setup automatically as my (email address!!). Whilst writing I might as well mention that I did suggest to the ticket people in my feedback a possible change in the registration etc. By way of making the registration a matter for the Roxio company direct and an immediate response by email as to the fact you were now registered. This does happen in most of my purchase/registration experiences on the net. Then as a completely separate issue join the Roxio Community like other forums registering independently Because of about a 3 hour delay in me getting my registration email, I "wrongly" though it had not gone through despite the screen message. So I did try online to register using my what I thought was a unique name and filling in all the other data. However nothing happened, it did not respond at all. Not even to tell me what I learned later...that the name was already being used. So I thought perhaps it had registered things - so I tried to log-in but was told I could not and also somewhere along the line "had I forgotten my password". So I tried that approach and a while later an email arrived telling me to go and change it - so I did but found the system insisted on using the email address with which it had communicated and giving no possibility of changing it. I did try but was forced back on to the email address. So I thought you should all know precisely how this came to be. Perhaps some of it is down to me, but I did try hard with what was on offer. No I feel REGISTRATION of product - immediate email response - end of story. Then if you don't want to join Community for a while - fine. Later if you do, then register in a similar manner that is carried out elsewhere at say computer building forums. However, you are all busy with your own problems and life in general...! So really don't waste anymore time on my behalf - because what you have done so far is a lot more than I expected. And, I thank you all. Perhaps later I will ask for advice on the best way to stop any spamming! That discussion would go on for ever I think.... All the best. David (Based in United Kingdom)
  4. Just thought I would let you know the final response I received via the ticket system about 5 minutes ago. Here is an extract: " We believe your issue will be best resolved with one of our phone technicians. Please call 1-866-279-7694 from Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM. IMPORTANT: You will be prompted to enter your credit card number before being connected to an Agent. However, you will not be charged until the Agent receives all the information concerning your case, and they will charge you under their own discretion." My decision on this is "NO WAY"! An earlier message just indicated that a name I had wanted to use was taken, and closed the ticket! No offer of how I could do it, or alternatively how in fact they at Roxio would do it - nothing. Just left me floundering. And, it was then I felt the only hope was to ask the forum, which I did. I will stick to trying to send that PM as before and see how I get on. Failing that I will just put up with my email address appearing here on the forum and run with that. There is no way in the world that I will pay money to get a unique forum address anywhere on the Internet when up to now all I have had to do is register simply with NAME and PASSWORD - Job Done! This forum is going to be fine I am sure and I am happy to be asking questions about the product here. Speaking personally and that of course is all I am doing - the ticket system for me is a non-starter. Over and done with for good. Kind regards and I will be trying later to send that PM message. David (Based in United Kingdom)
  5. Thanks for your help, and to all the other postings. I was very heartened at my first visit to the forum to see so many people attempt to come to my assistance. I tried to do what you suggested and send a PM to patatrox but on this occasion received the following error message. "This message can not be sent because the recipient has their personal messenger disabled or their personal messenger inbox is full. This personal message has not been sent." Not a problem however, and I will try later. In the meantime maybe the people who answer the Roxio ticket submissions will come up with an answer. Again - thanks all for trying. David
  6. Hi Just a quick one for my first post. I am keen to have a unique name other than my email address on the Forum and despite asking via the ticket system I can get no explanation as to how to go about it. I am just told that the name I wanted to use has been taken. That's OK. In the past at forums I have just got used to logging into them directly and searching for a unique name. In this case here the system just allocated my email address as the name and that was that. As I mentioned the ticket people have just not helped me with an explanation so far. They told me how to alter my email address and password, that I already could see how to do and did not want to carry out anyway. But on this creating a unique name for the forums they have not sorted it out. Please help and thanks in advance - it is just the process that I am after. I only purchased the product yesterday too, and I am finding getting answers to this really difficult. David