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    Where Can I Get Vhs To Dvd Windows 7 Upgrade

    Call Customer Service ... Isn't that an oxymoron?
  2. rjohnson14

    Where Can I Get Vhs To Dvd Windows 7 Upgrade

    I got the CD in a box which does only specify Win XP and Vista. Properties shows ver 3.52.77a.
  3. I got this product just before my machine died and I got a new one w/Windows 7. It will not load on the new machine: something about .NET3.5 hangs the installation. I have searched the Roxio support site for upgrade info. It says there is an updated, but when I get there, there is no selection for VHS to DVD. How do I get the update??? Thankx, Roger
  4. rjohnson14

    Configuration Problem

    I did check and none of those entries are in the registry!
  5. rjohnson14

    Configuration Problem

    I have a month old Dell Studio XPS 8000 64bit, newly upgraded to Windows7, Intel CORE 2.67 GHz w/8Gig RAM and 750 Gig Drive. Like I said I've already done the clean install and this is the result. Thanks Roger
  6. After several unsuccessful attempts I finally got the program to install. On the first execution if started the Configuration and stopped part way through telling me I need to stop the application "CON Server wrapper for VxBlockDLL" and offering me options to do it automatically or manually. Neither option seems to work, it just reboots back to the same error message. Tech support was worthless as usual - They just told me to do a clean install! I've already done that TWICE. Can anyone help? Roger
  7. rjohnson14

    Sonic DLA problems

    What I am trying to do is move a perfectly good application which has been running fine for many months using Roxio drag-to-disk (yes, Roxio's version of packet writing) and move it to machines which have Sonic DLA. Evidently Sonic is so crappy that all everyone wants to do give me alternatives rather than make the software work as advertised. No wonder they give it away free!!!! I guess I'll go buy Roxio for my new machines. Roger
  8. rjohnson14

    Sonic DLA problems

    Lynn, Thanks! I am aware of the alternatives, but the fact remains that I cannot do a full format on a new CD!! That's the problem. Is there a way to use Record Now from a command line within a batch file? If so I have not figured it out! Thanks, Roger
  9. rjohnson14

    Sonic DLA problems

    I am setting up 6 new Lenovo pc's with WinXP Pro w/SP2. They came preinstalled with Sonic DLA. I am trying to use this to copy files to a CD-RW using a batch file. When I try to format the CD it processes about 3/4 of the way and then failes with a media failure error. I am using brand new (brand name) CD's and I have gotten the same failure on three different machines and CDs. If I continue to try to use the cd, I can do a quick format and it seems to work, however as lomg s the CD is in the drive, the machine runs extremely slowly, and I cannot access the properties for the Drive. I am assuming this is a result of the first problem but thought it was worth mentioning. Any Ideas, Roger
  10. rjohnson14

    Drag to disk problem

    I am having the same problem but with version 6 basic! Could this be the same?? I use Mozella so I do not know what IE version I have. I removed Sonic and loaded Easy cd/dvd creator 6 and "no Recorder" shows in D2D. If this is the problem Who do I roll back to IE 6? Thanks Roger
  11. rjohnson14

    Audio/video Sometimes Out Of Sync

    This has been an ongoing problem with Videowave 5. Roxio just refuses to believe it'a a problem!
  12. rjohnson14

    Cd Drag To Disk

    I am using Roxio CD creator 6 on a new IBM machine to DragtoDisk to CD-RW. I have DLA and disk writing disabled for the drive. However when I shut down the machine I get a message stating some thing is preparing the disk(?), which also interfers with the shut down. When I restart a message appears stating that the disk is now readable using DLA but cannot be edited. Sure enough, it marked as read only and becomes totally unusable. Thanks,