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  1. kingy

    360 Degree Tour

    Is there a feature in Roxio that will let me make an interactive 360 degree video/image interactive panoramic show? Any heklp would be appreciated regards Steve
  2. kingy

    Creator 2012 Pro

    When I click on Video effects and select Digieffects I get NOTHING Any ideas? Regards Steve
  3. kingy

    Dark Video Footage

    Thanks Karri Wuill give it a go Cheers Steve
  4. Hi Checked this and it was exactly as mentioned I have re-installed roxio 2011 pro 3 times and no success, still states corrupt or missing certificate but only when i try and launch the bottom 3 items on interface which are Create DVDS Edit video-advanced Copy and convert video really stuck and not really a technical guy Thanks Steve
  5. kingy

    Dark Video Footage

    One of our mates fell under the spell of the hypnotist last week and the only footage we have is from a mobile phone but its all dark We have 29 clips and US mates are desperate to LIGHTEN them up properly but we have no idea.. They are so dark Tried in Video wave but no success Can anyone help because this is priceless to us to watch a mate being torn to shreds Cheers Steve
  6. kingy

    Burning To Dvd

    Thanks for reply I only tried to burn ISO image but it also does the same when I burn ordinary files so you are probably right, not a Roxio issue Def that I am the administrator and no other person has tried to burn except me. I double clicked on the ISO file and it took me direc to Roxio for the burn Thanks and will check windows Cheers
  7. kingy

    Burning To Dvd

    I tried to burn ISO image and many other files to DVD but I get the message that burner is in use by another user even though I am only person logged in Help Thanks Steve
  8. kingy


    Ok everyone, thanks for help so far, will try a different Microphone and see if that helps Thanks Steve
  9. kingy


    Thanks for Information I tried as you suggested, the PC only has 2 options (Default) and the sound card SOUNDMAX HD, Tried both options but no success At a loss here so at the worst I can use Audacity or Windows sound recorder for the Microphone Can see what else there is to possibly try? Thanks again Steve Missed something, you mentioned about wave editor. Yes, that is there and NO, it plays in sound editor but with NO sound in that either Cheers Steve Hi, I semed to have had some success but dont understand how? I went ot the TOOLS-EFFECTS-STEREO ENHANCER and increased it to say 100% and now I can hear the sound in sound editor but it seems I have to do this everytime I make a recording? Is this right? Cheers Steve
  10. kingy


    Def 16 Bit Audio Card is Soundmax Audio ESP Thanks
  11. kingy


    Yes, all thats fine and have double checked settings I tried the Audacity software as well and that also plays back fine so god knows whats up with the Roxio Recorder? Totally confused Cheers
  12. kingy


    I have tried in both sound editor and easy audio capture but to no avail I can see it recording (Levels) and files save fine but on playback (Nothing) strange I know and if I cannot resolve then I can just use windows sound recorder but curious as to problem?? Thanks again I have the old style plugged in to front of Machine (Microphone slot) Properties, yes I can see them and the file size for example states 2.73 MB Sure its recording but just cant hear on playback Tried again with Windows Own Sound recorder and all works fine? Thanks again Steve
  13. kingy

    Output -Save For Web Viewing

    Thanks for reply and this was very helpul Cheers Steve Thanks for reply and this was very helpul Cheers Steve
  14. kingy


    I used the windows sound recorder to record voice on Microphone and it recorded and played back fine. I used the recorder in Roxio and it recorded and created file but when I play back there is no sound? Help Thanks Steve
  15. I have been given a project and part of this project asks me save my video file for out put For viewing on the web I have looked at the dialogue boxes to save as video file but not sure which option to choose? help Thanks Steve