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    Recording edited video files

    Hi Tsantee- A year later, I finally got the Canopus ADVC, and also upgraded to MPEG Streamclip 1.9.1 and the latest updates to Toast 8. So far I can use the Canopus to import from my DVR into either Toast or iMovie. I can then open the resulting dv file in Streamclip and edit it. Selecting "fix timecode breaks" does not seem to do anything anymore. When I'm done editing, the "Convert to MPEG" option I used to use is grayed out. I tried exporting as MPEG 4, but Toast wouldn't accept the resulting file. Exporting DV has worked, but it takes a very long time in Streamclip, and then Toast insists on re-encoding even with "never re-encode" selected. The resulting DVD works fine, it's just that the whole reason for buying the ADVC was to save time and effort, and it seems the whole process takes a lot longer now. What can I do better? Thanks.
  2. TJB3

    Recording edited video files

    Thanks, you truly are the "guru". Worked like a charm. Thanks also for the suggestion about Eye TV. I was considering a Canopus unit- any thoughts on this?
  3. TJB3

    Recording edited video files

    Because my DirecTIVO lacks a digital output (there's a USB jack, identifed in the manual as "reserved for future use"), I have been using a clunky but previously successful method to archive TV shows to DVD: 1. Record onto DVD-RW on a Panasonic DVD writer via S-video and RCA audio cables. 2. Load the DVD into my iMac G5 using MPEG Streamclip. 3. For each episode, edit out commercials, fix timecode breaks, export as MPEG. 4. After completing several episodes, import MPEG files into Toast to burn a DVD-R. Typically the DVD-RW used to move the content into the Mac is recorded in the 4 hour mode. With Toast 7 I was able to burn nearly 4 hours (e.g., 5 one-hour TV shows minus commercials run about 3:45). I recently upgraded to Toast 8, which gives me the "not enough space on disc" message when I attempt to record that much. Documentation indicates recording is limited to 2 hours. This raises several questions: 1. If the files I started with fit on a 4.7Gb DVD, why won't they fit after going through Toast (does the conversion to MPEG expand them)? 2. Is there a "better" format to convert to from MPEG Streamclip for burning in Toast? 3. How do I create a new Video_TS folder containing the edited VOB files so that I can use the "Video from Video_TS" and "Fit to Disc" options in Toast? 4. Any other suggestions for ? 5. Finally I'd welcome any recommendations for on-line or printed materials to help me learn more about the various file types and working with digital video. Thank you.