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  1. Hi, This is my first ever post so be gentle. For years I have been using Sonic Recordnow v7.21 to burn Audio CDs and Data discs. I have the proper installation disc and I have always been able to install it whenever our computer has been replaced or upgraded. We now have Windows 7 installed but the Recordnow will not install. Can anyone tell me what I need to do to use Recordnow on our new computer, please?
  2. Hi, This is my first post. I have a Panasonic NV-GS180 and I am unable to transfer the video from it to my Easy Media Creator 9. When I go to Roxio Creator 9 Home, I select Capture Video and the Roxio Media Import window opens. It says select a device or source to import from and the drop down arrow shows Panasonic DV Device but when I click it I get a message which says "stringRef:AVCAPTUREErrorStrings.CaptureManagerBuild" and Details and OK buttons. If I select Details I get a message "Failed to setup system components for showing picture or sound" The Roxio Media Import window still shows Panasonic DV Device but everything else is grayed-out. Can anyone help me out, please?
  3. Arthur Jackson

    Unable to capture video from my camcorder

    Do I take it from the lack of replies that no-one has ever seen this error message before? Any suggestions as to what i can do next?
  4. Arthur Jackson

    Unable to capture video from my camcorder

    Hi Larry, I am using a Firewire connection. I can get it to work ok with Windows Movie Maker, but I don't like that programme.