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    burning mkv files

    You don't say which audio/video formats are being used in your MKV container but you might find it possible to simply demux the streams from the MKV with MoKgVm2DVD and then recombine them in the container of your choice (or convert them).
  2. ffooky

    using toast for gapless music- cd ripper for mac

    if you don't want to go back and cut your snippets on sector boundaries or zero-crossings, you could always make sure the tracks you're going to burn together as one disc are named so that they sort in the correct order and run them through the fix SBE function of xACT.
  3. ffooky

    Open / burn .mdf / .mds files ?

    Give MDF2ISO a whirl.
  4. ffooky

    "gapless" CD's impossible on Toast 8

    rtcstudio, just to eliminate all possibilities, are the track splits you made on sector boundaries ?
  5. ffooky

    .ape and other formats

    It's probably around the third most common lossless codec but the top two, FLAC and WavPack, are far more popular with FLAC the clear leader.
  6. ffooky

    I'll be waving the white flag, effective immediately.

    The Mac forum on VideoHelp.com is another great resource to search.
  7. ffooky

    Joining 2 mpgs on one dvd?

    More specifically, I think Toast won't recognise pre-existent chapter markers unless you add VIDEO_TS folders via the Media Browser. Is that right ?
  8. ffooky

    Joining 2 mpgs on one dvd?

    Just make sure the 'Play all items continuously' box in the Options drawer is checked.
  9. ffooky

    burn a bin file?

    Download vcdtoolsX and extract the MPEG from the BIN file. It'll either be MPEG-1 (if the original image was of a VCD) or MPEG-2 (SVCD). The video track of a muxed MPEG-1 file is already DVD-compliant but you need to upsample the audio to 48kHz. If you set Toast's DVD preferences to never re-encode video you *should* be able to get it to perform just the necessary surgery on the audio but I've had very patchy results in the past, often out of sync. If the original disc was an SVCD then both tracks will need to be converted by Toast if you want to burn as DVD. If you pay the shareware fee for ffmpegX you can use the svcdvd function from the Tools tab which can convince some DVD players to accept an SVCD-compliant file as a DVD. Whether it can convince your specific player is a matter of trial and error I'm afraid.
  10. ffooky

    Burning avi files onto CD to use in DVD player?

    If your DVD player cannot play Xvid/DivX formats then your only option is to convert to MPEG-1 (VCD) or MPEG-2 (SVCD & DVD) which will certainly degrade the quality and lead to bigger files. Unless you want to buy one of the increasing number of DVD players that will play DivX/Xvid and you want to try to maintain an acceptable video quality then you will indeed have to convert to DVD-compatible MPEG-2. Toast can do this but it is probably the slowest application for the purpose. Your quicker alternatives include ffmpegX (free for this kind of conversion), VisualHub and MPEG2 Works.
  11. I've just noticed that the manufacturer's ID does not show up (via command-I) for some discs on my iMac w/MATSHITA DVD-R UJ-85J and Toast 7.1.2 while the info was correctly displayed with Toast 7.1. The discs in question are TYG03. The same has happened to my eMac with a Pioneer DVR-110D which I have also just upgraded to 7.1.2.
  12. ffooky

    QT AC3 component installation problem

    Which operating system are you running and are you using a PPC or Intel Mac ? Which AC3 codec did you install ? If you play the AVI with QuickTime, do you get sound ? After installation you should see the component in Library/QuickTime or possibly YourHomeFolder/Library/QuickTime.
  13. ffooky

    Spin Doctor

    I'd suggest downloading Audacity and installing Notch Filter from this page in the plug-ins folder that comes as part of the Audacity package. The default setting is 60KHz
  14. ffooky

    Bit Perfect Flac Rips With Tt7

    I'm not sure if you can read the forum without being registered but I did a very lengthy series of tests using xACT, Toast 7.0.1 and EAC running under Virtual PC in this thread. I ripped a track that produced problems in a first set of tests, multiple times with EAC, xACT, Toast 7.0.1 and by dragging to the Finder (OS X 10.3.9). Unfortunately I was unable to include cdparanoia as I could not get it to recognise my external drive. With the EAC rips I shut down the virtual machine, closed Virtual PC and then deleted the Undo Drive file between rips as well as turning the CD drive (external (Firewire) 'LITE-ON ' Model 'LTR-24102B ' Revision '5S57') on and off so there was absolutely no chance of anything being cached. Error correction lights were lit (one row) at varying points of all test and copy routines. 7931b23da6c5b8bf4ce71bee1448c327 [shntool] LO_EAC1.wav 7931b23da6c5b8bf4ce71bee1448c327 [shntool] LO_EAC2.wav 7931b23da6c5b8bf4ce71bee1448c327 [shntool] LO_EAC3.wav 7931b23da6c5b8bf4ce71bee1448c327 [shntool] LO_EAC4.wav a5fdea1a598f2a68be6e55585107ebf2 [shntool] LO_Finder1.aiff 7931b23da6c5b8bf4ce71bee1448c327 [shntool] LO_Finder2.aiff 7b826dea52078c8cea25847fd361c985 [shntool] LO_iTunes1.wav 4876a55f547c70f000ee8ace94ef2a27 [shntool] LO_iTunes2.wav f6a027fea6664bfec81e39deb61ea2b1 [shntool] LO_iTunes3.wav b9610ce44fadcc4da5bfef3271ce7d41 [shntool] LO_Toast1.wav 7931b23da6c5b8bf4ce71bee1448c327 [shntool] LO_Toast2.wav 7931b23da6c5b8bf4ce71bee1448c327 [shntool] LO_UNQUIT_Finder.aiff 4fe6f039c146db5489b7ce10acfac10a [shntool] LO_UNQUIT_Toast.wav bb580449b92e51764678c1d41f4f7df8 [shntool] LO_UNQUIT_xACT.wav 92136c8a759964fe0b359f5607b8c717 [shntool] LO_xACT1.wav 7931b23da6c5b8bf4ce71bee1448c327 [shntool] LO_xACT2.wav 243eb0cae251aa05d00531e063fae24d [shntool] LO_xACT3.wav bb580449b92e51764678c1d41f4f7df8 [shntool] LO_xACT4.wav As you can see, EAC was the only ripper that managed to produce identical results with multiple rips.
  15. ffooky

    Bit Perfect Flac Rips With Tt7

    There have been some advances, including a near-as-dammit secure ripper for linux (RubyRipper) but that is not yet ported to/compilable under OS X and an attempt at a comparison ripper as part of Max but for the most secure DAE currently available, to the Dark Side must you go.
  16. ffooky

    Automated par2 creation ?

    Like most people, I try to fill up as much space as possible when burning a disc but there's usually a significant amount that is effectively wasted. My suggestion is for a facility within Toast to calculate automatically the remaining space and create sufficient par2 files to use it up. For those not familiar with par2 files, they originated on USENET to compensate for mishaps in the uploading/propagating process. The data for which a set is being created is scanned and divided into a number of blocks and par2 files, each the same size as these blocks, are created. If any of the blocks in the original data become damaged, corrupted or otherwise unreadable it can be replaced with any one of the par2 blocks. The par2 creation process would likely take a fair time but a few extra minutes spent before burning a disc would be well worth it if they increased the likelihood of the data being usable for longer.
  17. ffooky

    Burn whole season in one DVD

    'Fraid not. In my experience Toast takes longer to encode to encode to any video format than any of the other tools available. I strongly recommend you NOT to delete the originals until you've exhausted all the conversion/compression options. On reflection, you may want to look at VisualHub (DVD->make sure Author as DVD is checked) as another option, though it is not freeware. It automatically compresses however many files you add so that they will fit on a single disc and creates an ISO disc image which you can mount and check for quality. If you're beginning to run out of space it might be worth a bash for that reason alone. No worries, though I recommend looking at the increasing number of DVD players that can play XviD/DivX. My Philips DVP 5960 has played everything I've thrown at it so far.
  18. ffooky

    Burn whole season in one DVD

    Yes, I didn't make myself clear. Once your 10 episode disc image is created, you need to drag that one to the Copy window and then save to another disc image (call it something to distinguish it from the first one) with Fit-to-DVD checked. Once you've created the 'Fit-to-DVD'ed image then you can just delete the first image, its work here is done If the quality wasn't up to snuff you need to repeat the process starting off with 8 or 9 episodes this time.
  19. ffooky

    Burn whole season in one DVD

    920 minutes in MPEG-2 on a single disc will look like utter rubbish whatever program you use to encode. If you want to use Toast 7 then your best bet is to select DVD-Video and drop, say 6 episodes on the Video window. Select Save As Disc Image from the File menu (or command-D) and once the image is created go to the Copy tab and select Image File from the drawer menu. Check that Fit-to-DVD video compression is checked and then once again save to a (single layer) disc image. Mount that image, play with DVD Player and see if the quality is acceptable. Depending on your opinion you can repeat the process with less/more episodes until you reach the best fit. If you're really determined to try to get them all on one disc you could maybe try using ffmpegX's DVD-lo (Half DVD) setting to encode the files one by one but there'll be a lot of working out of bit-rates/sizes beforehand necessary.
  20. ffooky

    Burning Divx Movies on to a DVD

    Unless this is your rip which doesn't seem terribly likely then there is blatant copyright infringement involved here and this is not an appropriate forum for that.
  21. ffooky

    Verification Failure

    I don't know which country you're in but I recommend you find an online seller that lists the media code of the discs available. If you go for anything manufactured by Taiyo Yuden you're as good as guaranteed a good burn though I don't think they do rewriteable media. Check the codes of available media in Videohelp's database and see if your drive is listed in the submissions.
  22. ffooky

    Verification Failure

    Sounds very much like a case of poor media. Have you tried different brands or CD-R (not -RW) ?
  23. ffooky

    Slow UJ-846 Toast 7.1 and Core 2 Duo

    The best you'll get is 8x. Check here.
  24. Unless you really don't have time to let discs verify you may as well let them. There's always a chance that you might be using defective media. Verification checks the data burned on the disc against the source data on your HD (S/VCD and Audio excepted). I've had many older +RW discs produce "sector xxxx unreadable" errors.
  25. ffooky

    Burning Avi/Divx to DVD with subtitles, HELP pls!

    AFAIK the only way to hardcode subs into a pre-existent AVI file is to re-encode it which will further degrade the quality. As you're intending to convert the AVI to DVD MPEG-2 anyway, your best bet would be to follow this tutorial and then burn the resulting VIDEO_TS folder with Toast. If you encounter problems you should direct them to this forum. I've used ffmpegX to convert AVI->DVD in the past and the quality was more than acceptable. I've also attempted to make SVCD->DVD conversions in the past and have encountered an issue where the video would cut to black at a late point in the novie while the audio track kept playing. I believe this was to do with QuickTime's 4 gig filesize limit. During the conversion process a single MPEG file is created prior to being cut into 1 gig VOB's and it's this file that can reach 4 gigs in size. If the problem still exists I recommend you select a size below 4 gigs in the Video pane of ffmpegX (in the Bitrate calculator).