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  1. Just installed EMC9 full version suite along with content disk. Imported an edited WMV movie. Added a title screen and some audio. "Previewed" project in MyDVD9 and everything worked great. Burned the project to Hewlett Packard DVD+R 8X media at 8X. Tried playing the DVD on all three of our home DVD players - none of them worked. We have a brand new model OPPO DVD player which plays ANYTHING, and it didn't work. Each player acted like it was scanning the media, but couldn't lock - couldn't find the data. Also tried playing on two PC's - no workie - same issue - scans continually but cannot ID the disk. Tried re-burning the project at 4X. Same problems. No go. Then tried burning the project at 4X onto Verbatim DVD+R 16X media. No go. Nada. Do I need to convert the WMV file to MPEG? Am I missing something? I notice that Roxio's Burn set-up screen allows an "Image File" and "Folder Set" options. I've left them unchecked. All I want to do is transfer my WMV video to a DVD that plays on home units. That's why I bought Roxio, but starting to feel disappointed.. Tks, Driz
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    DVDs won't playback

    checked the driver and burner. it's a bad burner. it was 3.5 years old - ordered a new Plextor 800.
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    DVDs won't playback

    Thanks for all the replies. After further testing, I think my DVD writer may be broken. When I try to explore the Roxio DVDs (to check file names, etc.), Windows XP returns a message saying "disk is not Formatted, cannot read from this disk." And now when I copy regular files to a DVD using Nero, I get the same issue, even though Nero verifies the copy job. Strange. I'm going to try a new DVD writer. Tks again.